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Xigmatek Also Intros GAIA SD1283 CPU Cooler


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Oct 9, 2007
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Xigmatek's launch of the LOKI SD963 isn't the only one for the day, the company also rolled out its slightly larger sibling, the Gaia SD1283, which also seems to be targeted at value conscious buyers seeking high cooling performance. This one is larger than the LOKI in being able to accommodate 120 mm fans. It measures 120(W) x 50(D) x 159(H) mm, weighing 460 g (heatsink). The heatsink features forked-X shaped fins that have a slight bump towards the center, to increase turbulence and surface area. Like its smaller sibling, it also features three copper heat pipes, but 8 mm thick. The heat pipes make direct contact with the CPU at the base. The company bundles one 120 mm spinner that does 800~1500 rpm with a noise output level of 16 to 24 dBA. Angled rubber bolts dampen vibrations as they hold the fan on to the heatsink.

Source: Xigmatek
Jul 19, 2008
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Not a fan of Xigmatech coolers, no homo.
Feb 24, 2009
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So they released a cheaper Balder?


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Jan 16, 2010
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Looks capable enough, but it just looks cheap. I dunno, that's what I feel. The fan looks like something you get in one of those no-named Chinese ATX cases.
Jul 28, 2008
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i like the 8 mm pipes, wonder how much more heat they can transfer to the blades vs traditional 6mm pipes

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Sep 26, 2006
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What xigmatek have done is produce a cheaper S1283 HDT by removing the redundant areas on the aluminium fins, and thus save money on alu. Its a good step, as it reduces weight and hopefully will be slightly cheaper.

Nothing special about this cooler.
Jan 2, 2009
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i like the 8 mm pipes, wonder how much more heat they can transfer to the blades vs traditional 6mm pipes
Antec1200 filter project

I've a Alpenfóhn Nordwand it has 5 8mm heatpipes, only 3 make contact on my cpu and the thing still outperforms thermalrignhts ultra 120 ex.

I plan on putting a copper heatspreader down so all pipes can be used soon XD


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Jul 9, 2006
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Panther got a link to that cooler?

As for Xigmatek, they make some pretty good coolers at affordable prices so not sure how cheap they went with these two. That Thors Hammer is a sexy beast though. Seen that in Gigaparts the other day.