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Zotac GTX470 issue

Apr 30, 2012
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Hi, first time writing here. I've got a problem with my 470 which I bought a year ago - while playing DiRT3 I noticed the temps we're getting upto 110 (70% fanspeed), so I decided to take a look inside. It looked quite dusty so I took the cover off and did a quick round with a vacuum cleaner over it (I didn't touch anything), when the majority of the dust was gone I put the cover back on and connected it again to the mobo (P8P67). I started up the PC, and all was running fine, except the monitor was not displaying anything, so I reconnected everything a few times but it stayed the same. Some articles I found on Google suggested that the cables aren't connected properly or that there are some errors with the GPU, but I'm very sure everything is connected properly.

Any suggestions?
Jan 25, 2011
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110 Celsius while gaming!?!?!? Its even a miracle that the card even lived through that and who knows how long it went unnoticed. I knew fermi could cook and egg but thats just molten or was that just a figur of speech? It should have been running at 100% fan speed and sounded like a jet, downclocked and even shutdown on those temps.
Nov 13, 2007
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The GPU should be fine. Try loosening the cooler a bit, and make sure that nothing is shorting out the card. did you take the cooler off or just the shroud?

Also post a pic of it in there... maybe we can spot something that is not right.
Sep 7, 2010
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110 Celsius, i think your GPU finally gave out, its possible that it cooked itself to death,... tho it could rise from the ashes like a phoenix,..