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  • I have tied hard to make this work...my job. I am unsure if it is worth the effort, anymore. Problem is, I need to pay Rent. So I need to secure new work before I quit this one. I don'y know what to do, except wake up and go to work, again. No time to work on prospects. Evil circle of hell.
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    The options are there if you want to see them. Take a few days off, or call in sick, or, if you feel your current employer would not go all bananas, discuss it with your employer. The latter is usually best, sometimes you get insights / doors may open up you never knew existed..
    Left my phone in an UBER, again. This time though it has not been a speedy recovery of it. I am pretty sure the phone is in the car, parked in his garage and he is fast asleep, inside his house. I will have to try and ring it, through Google, again in the morning.
    Tomorrow is one of our busiest days of the week and I have got to keep it together. Not sure how I will but, I'm gonna try like hell to do so! Wish me Luck!! Goodnight, I need my rest. First though, I am gonna pour a glass of wine, try and pre-chill, before bed.
    A constant buzz of wants until I found a Pizza joint, 2 blocks away, that let me chill unmolested, and warm, for 20 minutes. A few days earlier, same thing, missed my stop, but this time I was just 8 blocks away and just zombie walked home. I am at the end of my frayed rope holding on with one, very tired hand. Twice today I snapped at my employees for little, to no, reason.
    Man, I am exhausted as hell. Nearly missed my bus stop, again! Earlier this week, I feel asleep on the bus and woke up 5 miles from home. Smack dab in a shady neighborhood with drunks and shitbirds galore! Bus back was 40 minutes away and it was 18 F out with a steady wind. "Got a square? Can I get a dollar from you? Got any spare change?"
    One more day, in the books. I have an asst mgr hired and will be starting next week, I hope. What a relief!! However, I still have from now, until that point I have to somehow try to maintain my shaky sanity!! I am all outta wax on my candle. Nothing but an ember slowly burning out. Goodnight, I hope I can get through another day, without ending up in the hospital w/ exhaustion!
    Man. I am beat. I closed the store early today, then fell asleep in the breakroom!! I've been working open to close, as the only keyholder, for 3+ weeks now! I have had 3 days off, since Oct. 21st. Since my Asst. Mgr. stopped showing up, I have been 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, not including commute (about an hour a day). Plus, I am there before open and after close...I am there more than I am home!!
    I will overcome and conquer all adversity. I was born a calm headed problem solver. I have yet to reach my potential, I enjoy fun, to much!! LOL.
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    Sounds like a good life philosophy. Keep it up and you'll do alright.
    ... Tough guy can't handle closing the store for a week, even with 2 days off! He's 29 years old, still lives with mommy. Walks around, talks the talk, but, true colors have been shown. He thinks he can leave, and be a tough guy doing it. Reality? Mommy's boy, can't hack.
    OK, made it through the weekend. Now it's just a haul for another week. I have one transferred employee, starting tomorrow, and two new hires starting on the 1st! So, just as I promised, my assistant mgr, things are going to get better! We just need to keep our heads down and work throught it! AND, we have another new hire starting after the 1st. Too bad Rob couldn't hack it, He walked out Saturday morning....
    Well, just got home from work, I am the new boss. My new manager quit, like the little punk-ass would, by just turning in his keys and walking away. He supposedly has a new job running a fork lift! Seriously? He will be begging for his job back, in 2 weeks. Guaranteed! But, he won't get it back, because why? 3 guesses why. He thinks he is screwing the DM, he's screwing himself!
    Just got back from an across town trip, to go to an Art Gallery. It was opening night, Gods and Monsters. People were encouraged to wear costumes and there were quit a few, the artwork was anywhere from blah to cool to WTF? It was fun though, just to get out and about and yes, there were plenty of beautiful people milling around. I tried to get my, on again, off again, girlfriend to go but...she decided not to go. :(
    Got lot's to think about. Big boss wants me to take a store. One that is in true need of fixing, another that is good. The manager from the good store is slated to go to the fixer. But, the fixer is much closer to me. Either way, It's about a grand a month more than I make, and A bunch of extra shiitake, and I am not a fan of Mushrooms!! ;) Decisions, decisions....
    I am going to go get the i5 in the morning. So, tomorrow night, after work, I will try to switch out the CPU w/ my 3770!
    Waiting for the i5 3rd gen HP....Did not go get it from the Mission since, it would have been an Hour wait for the returning bus...
    Yesterday, Wednesday, at work I was unpacking the weekly order. They pack it with those 4'x4' plastic air bubbles. I need to pop them all, before tossing them. I grabbed a new razor blade and promptly sliced a gash across my thigh! Then, moments later cut my finger!! Spent Wednesday Night, into Thursday morning at the VA emergency room. No stitches. But about 5 "SteriStrips" to hold the wound closed.
    Hungry. It's late. Gotta be to work early. I guess I will fix a bowl of cereal and hit the sack. Ordering a pizza at this point, seems like it will take too long, waiting for it, eating it,,,that could take nearly an hour! Breakfast before bed, it is!!
    I am so beat. I need to find some food, call my Lawyer and finish some laundry. Exciting times! Oh, and brew some coffee!! That's the ticket, yea.
    Got a new boss. I taught him everything he knows, about cars. Now, to teach him how to be a man.
    Man, Long day. up at 5AM. Here it is nearly midnight, putzing around here, again.
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