Thursday, July 5th 2012

European Parliament Rejects ACTA

EU's highest legislative body, the European Parliament, voted against ratification of Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), a broad-scoped piece of legislation designed to prevent copyright infringement of nearly all kinds (commodities, consumer durables, electronic and print media, etc.) A thumping 478 votes against, 39 for, and 146 abstainers saw to the quashing of ACTA. The act had been widely criticized by people of the EU as being too broad-scoped, and giving the regulators sweeping powers to prosecute anything they deem as copyright infringement. Activists feared that censorship could be carried out under the veil of ACTA. Meanwhile, across the big pond, the United States House of Representatives passed a similar piece of legislation, the CISPA, in April.

Source: ZDNet
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Good to hear, imagine if we didnt protest as publicly... they could have silently passed it as they did in the US with comparable laws
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inb4 it come back with different name
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by: borden5
inb4 it come back with different name
Yarrr thatit may be but ye do know we pirates never go down easy so AVAST YE HARDY BATTEN DOWN AND SET SAIL FOR YONDER FOR WE BE FREE MEN ON THE OPEN SEA :toast:
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Bird of Prey
Did ACTA get passed? I think we shot down everything so far though they are trying to get more of it through this go round.
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by: WarEagleAU
Did ACTA get passed? I think we shot down everything so far though they are trying to get more of it through this go round.
ACTA is still secretly being "processed" in the US. Right now though since the EU rejected it already, and Australia/NZ has essentially rejected it by passing laws that would make ACTA illegal, if ACTA passes in the US it would essentially be a treaty between the US and Morocco.
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President Obama signed this "treaty" a while back, saying that since it didn't change US law it didn't need to go to Congress.
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It hasn't been ratified by any of the signatories, basically this means any EU member states who where signatories cannot become members. A few other nations who where signatories have backed out too due to public pressure.

It was a terrible trade agreement that used piracy and counterfeiting as a scapegoat, to infringe upon basic civil liberties.
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Download ALL the Internetz!! :toast:
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Ferrum Master
Hail the OLD continent...

F*** the stupid Masonic money greedy companies and their pet politicians... :rockout:
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by: Ferrum Master
pet politicians.
this time they actually decieded with 'their own brain' that their own downloading habits might be affected :laugh:
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Might have to think about moving to the EU in a few years.
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...*adds more movies and porn to utorrent queue*..
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wow, are Mp's,,, done good.:wtf::twitch::confused:

oh ,, thats right ,Balls the Digital Economy Act .

or some other such BD
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Well, I live in EU and recently my national legislator secretly changed the law, incriminating what was originally proposed to be incriminated in ACTA. We rejected ACTA - I don't think so. For Big Money - it is just a matter of time for additional lobbying.
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