Monday, August 27th 2012

AeroCool Strike-X Air Open Chassis Pictured

Alongside the XPreadator X3 Devil Red and White Editions, the new Strike-X Air is among four new cases the company has planned for launch in Fall, 2012. Featuring the distinct black+red styling characteristic of the Strike-X family of cases, PSUs, and notebook coolers from AeroCool, the new Strike-X Air is an open case designed for enthusiasts that need quick access to components, but like to keep components organized (not laid out on a table). Unlike several cases in its category, the Strike-X Air features an armature design that lets you completely open up the top, on which a 200 mm fan is suspended, giving you complete access to components installed on the motherboard.

The Strike-X Air supports XL-ATX motherboards, with up to 10 expansion slots, and room for graphics cards as long as 33 cm. The case features three each of 5.25-inch and 3.5/2.5-inch drive bays, with hot-swap back planes. There is room for unconventionally long PSUs. The side compartment that holds the drive and PSU bays is ventilated by a 120 mm fan. Front panel connectivity includes a USB 2.0/1.1 and three USB 3.0 ports (standard headers); and front-panel HD audio jacks. AeroCool plans to make the Strike-X Air available some time in early-October.
A promotional video follows.

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32 Comments on AeroCool Strike-X Air Open Chassis Pictured

That's really cool. I don't think I'd buy one, but it's still a neat concept.
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really like the idea - - if only plastic wasn't the main material for this case it might catch my eye
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Isn't that one old already, I remember an oc3d review from quite a while ago
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Nice home for dust bunnies.
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My name is Dave

Looking for a testbench anyway...

Dear Aerocool, did I ever tell thee how much I love thyself!?!...:p
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by: Drone
Nice home for dust bunnies.
I was thinking how much easier it would be to keep everything clean.
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I like it one of the most thought out open bench's I've seen, just wish it was made out of better materials. I really like how it looks like it was built to be on the desk as a almost a centerpiece of technology for your desk at home. Oh, and I'd be nit picking, but it seems flashy, and I like my case's subdued, but that's just me, and this is AeroCool after all. Might pick me up one just so I have a case to put the kids computer in when they get older, and don't need a case with lockable's.
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Haven't heard them in a while, but a worthy come back. It looks pretty good from the video and the pictures. The sound of the commercial wasn't that bad, it's got this pump up moments. But I feel they really need to drop their current slogan: Be cool! Be Aerocool!, seriously?!? Lemo...
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Meh, idk... like my testbench simple and clean.
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Steven B
i think that is a really cool concept.
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I like the looks, but if this is supposed to be used as a full time case then you better hope you have quite coolers. This looks like it would make a nice test bench though.
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I dont know why but I love this!!
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Looks like a cheap rip-off of a Transformers toy... Terrible materials...
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bout freakin time. Took them over a yr to bring this over. This has been out for a while now but only in the UK iirc. I wrote them and they said they didn't know if it was coming here. I actually like the look of it and all you can do with it. Gotta feeling its conna be priced a lil up there. A few wks ago I seen them on going for 149euro ($186 us)
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It's a neat case.
Although I prefer closed air cases.
Looking at this it doesn't take much to make a closed air version of this case and still look really nice.
I really like the idea of motherboards laying down horizontally.
Unfortunately dust can be a problem and I hate dust on cool looking computer parts:p
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Its called an open air case buts its nothing more of a tech bench for oc'ers. So theres gonna be a premium price for that. for dust and what not. If your worried about dust or live in a dirty place. This ain't for you. I have several rigs running in the open but way less dust then anyone would expect since I keep cleaned.
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never in a million years i would have this
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whata bout the price point?
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Tacky as hell, yet I still want it...

Kind of like a few girls I know.
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I'd probably buy this if it wasnt made my Aerocool. If their cases are anything like their fans, it'll fall apart within a month.
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looks pretty futuristic
and i guess its better if they use steel not plastic since it may stay longer
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This case looks even better moded.

I have an urge to smash my current case to pieces right now.
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