Thursday, April 5th 2007

The Register makes a solid list of reasons to upgrade to Windows Vista

Hardcore Windows XP fans will claim that Vista is currently buggy and bloated. Hardcore Mac OS X fans will claim that at least half of Vista is inspired by Mac OS X. Hardcore Linux fans laugh at all of this, and simply install the free Beryl user interface on the latest free distro of Ubuntu (or some other *nix distro). However, The Register has found some compelling reasons to move from whatever you're using to Windows Vista. The following is a shortened list, please click the source link for the full version of the list.
  • UAC- It really makes the OS more secure, and despite how annoyed you may get with it, you have to admit it's a step in the right direction.
  • Windows Aero- It's pretty and easy. Enough said.
  • It comes with better bundled software- All the programs that come pre-loaded with Windows are either old favorites, or very new programs with great features.
  • Vista Live = Xbox Live for the PC. Really.
  • Halo 2- What Halo fans have been waiting for over the years is finally coming to the PC. And it looks better than most of us imagined.
  • DirectX10 API- All new games/ graphics cards will eventually be exclusively for DX10 and Vista, so we better get used to it.
  • Windows Vista search functions- Windows indexing the everything really helps when you misplace something.
  • Windows Firewall- It's pretty good this time around, if you need a firewall.
  • Lots of pretty hardware/laptops are coming out that are designed just for Vista.
  • Microsoft is pushing for a complete move to Windows Vista, hence, they'll drop support for everything older just like they did for Windows 9x and ME.
Source: Reg Hardware
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Wile E
Power User
by: EastCoasthandle
I can summarize this by stating:
-It's their API
-It's their certification methods
-It's their redefined HAL
-It's their OS
This is why 3rd party manufactures are not at fault. You can easily go to another manufacture and buy their products for vista so there is no need to complain. Better yet, you can buy all MS products.
People should be complaining to MS for full driver functionality in their new OS releases. This makes much more sense then to complain that none vista approve hardware "doesn't work" :rolleyes:. Maybe if 1 or 2 manufactures were having problems I could agree but when nearly all are having problems then you have to look the source, in this case Vista.

My transition from Win2k to XP has EVERYTHING to do with this conversation. No explanation needed. And, lets not forget that some user experiences are less then stellar with vista when compared with XP in:
-loading apps
-shutting down
-starting up
-frame rates in games
A lawsuit was already filed regarding vista's hardware requirements. So, not only are you getting news about vista's lack of 3rd party driver support, you also read news about vista's hardware requirements. I guess people who are having problems may account for more then people who are willing to settle.
I do have the Start Up and shutdown problems sometimes, but Vista loads apps way faster than XP 100% of the time, in my experience. It's not even a contest. I also don't have a framerate problem on most games. If I do lose anyhting, it's 3-4 fps max. GRAW even performs better for me in Vista. That's just my experience tho. I can't speak for anyone else.

I wasn't claiming Vista is flawless, i was only touching on the driver issues. And your transition from 2000 to XP is a useless comparison, because they're both built from the same core. What about the people that went from an NT4 os to XP? I notice that you breezed right past that one. And I'm not having problems with ALL of my drivers, just ATI. Not all hardware is having problems, so that throws that theory right out the window.

Either way it doesn't even matter who's at fault. I think I'm right, you think you're right. We're obviously not going to get anywhere with this. I think we should just let it go here. We can just sum it up by saying that there are driver problems in Vista, regardless of fault.
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