Wednesday, November 7th 2007

CoolIT Systems Selects Enthusiast System Architecture Platform

CoolIT Systems, known for their high performance MTEC liquid cooling systems, is the next big hardware brand to select the new Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA), an industry-wide initiative that enables PC components to communicate thermal, electrical, acoustical, and operating characteristics in real-time.
We at CoolIT applaud NVIDIA and all of the ESA development partners for putting ESA into motion and are proud to be helping bring the enthusiast closer to their system. Now that ESA has enabled software interaction with hardware and cooling components, new levels of functionality can be enabled. It’s now easy to imagine hardware profiles fully interacting with the application or game conditions to provide even more immersive and high performance experiences. CoolIT has long believed in this direction as the next step in hardware evolution and is looking forward to promoting and supporting ESA's continued development,
said Geoff Lyon, CEO of CoolIT Systems Inc.Source: CoolIT
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2 Comments on CoolIT Systems Selects Enthusiast System Architecture Platform

Bird of Prey
Truthfully, I expect just about every company (AMD/ATI included) to go with the ESA platform rolling out (or ATI can make their own version). I think its a marvelous idea they have came up with.
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Sold my stars!
esa seems to have taken off nicely.
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