Thursday, November 29th 2007

Patriot Memory Reveals New ECS Bundles

Patriot Memory, a global provider of premium quality memory modules and flash memory solutions, revealed that it is now working with Elite Computer Systems (ECS) to deliver combo platform to the market. Patriot Memory will now offer DDR2 and ECS motherboards in bundle packages. There will be six ECS motherboards used in the packages. They are GeForce 6100-SM-M, NForce 6M-A Version 2.0, 945GCT-M-1333 Versioan 3.0, G3IT-M Version 1.0, 945GCT-M Version 2.0, and G33T-M2 Version 1.0. All motherboards will be equiped with the following Patriot memory modules listed in the chart below. These ECS bundles are currently available at Fry's Electronics and will come to other retailers shortly.

Source: Patriot Memory
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4 Comments on Patriot Memory Reveals New ECS Bundles

Patriot makes some of the best enthusiast ram around. These value bundles might not be too bad... except it's ECS:shadedshu
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Bird of Prey
ECS makes ok boards actually. Im just worried that these are like uber value boards, with not many options for ocing and such.
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Its good for system builders building office machines and other basic home computers. I have a ECS 6100SM-M nothing wrong with it. It over clocks to 260FSB with my Single core A64 3200. It doesn't have enough voltage tweaks for the cpu. just .05V above cpu voltage. So my CPU is from 1.2 to 1.25 and at 2.6G from 2G. No Ram timing adjustments what so ever. Just change of starting freq. thats it.

I got the combo for $30 with the retail chip. Can beat that.
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