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W1zzard Editor-In-Chief
btarunr News Editor
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Cristian_25H News Editor
crmaris Reviewer
Darksaber Senior Editor & Review Coordinator
Frederik_S Reviewer
T4CFantasy CPU & GPU DB Maintainer

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Open Positions

News Editor You should have a passion for staying up to date with the latest industry news. Excellent English skills are a must. Basic image-processing skills are a plus.
Hardware Reviewer The most important skill you should bring is having fun when playing with new stuff. Excellent English skills are a must and you should also have good and wide technical knowledge. Being able to work on deadlines is also a must. Reviewers should have current hardware systems and testing equipment. Obviously a good digital camera is required, having a tripod is highly recommended.
Interviewer You will be talking (phone/E-Mail/IM) with key people from the Hardware Industry to conduct interviews about interesting topics of your choice. Excellent language skills, both spoken and written, are very important here, native speakers are prefered. You should also have the ability to research a company and their current products to come up with related questions on your own.

All applicants are expected to be able to work in a team, but also on their own, under minimal supervision.
Payment via Paypal or bank transfer can be negotiated if required.
However, your primary motivation should be a passion for computer hardware and writing.

For consideration please e-mail us.


Donations are not required, we would prefer if you go out with the money and have a great time - or donate it to some good charitable organization.