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ATI Radeon DDR MAXX Image ATI Rage 6 Image

This graphics card is not released yet.
Data on this page may change in the future.

Graphics Processor

GPU Name: Rage 6
Process Size: 180 nm
Transistors: 30 million
Die Size: 97 mm²

Graphics Card

Released: Unreleased
Production Status: Unreleased
Bus Interface: AGP 4x

Clock Speeds

GPU Clock: 183 MHz
Memory Clock: 183 MHz
366 MHz effective


Memory Size: 64 MB x2
Memory Type: DDR
Memory Bus: 128 bit x2
Bandwidth: 5.86 GB/s x2

Render Config

Pixel Shaders: 2 x2
Vertex Shaders: 1 x2
TMUs: 6 x2
ROPs: 2 x2
Pixel Rate: 0.366 GPixel/s x2
Vertex Rate: 0.0458 GVertices/s x2
Texture Rate: 1.10 GTexel/s x2

Reference Board

Slot Width: Single-slot
TDP: unknown
Outputs: 2x VGA

Graphics Features

DirectX: 7.0
OpenGL: 1.3
OpenCL: None
Pixel Shader: 1.4
Vertex Shader: 1.1

Card Notes

Never Released due to instability at AGP 4X