Date: Feb 23rd 2010
Author: Darksaber
In: Networking
AirLive 802.11n Devices

With wireless N or 802.11n based networks becoming more and more popular these days, we take a look at what Airlive has to offer in this regard. In our review we take a close look at WN-300ARM-VPN ADSL modem & router, the WN-5000PCI - a 300 Mbit/s & MIMO equipped PCI card and the WN-200USB - an entry level 802.11n USB 2.0 device.

Date: May 11th 2009
Author: DanTheBanjoman
In: Networking
AirLive! WMU-6000FS

The AirLive! WMU-6000FS is not just an access point/wireless router. It can also hold a 2.5" hard drive and has USB ports to function as print server or network storage device. An interesting device for people wanting to share their documents on a home network without creating a cable mess or having countless separate devices.

Date: Dec 30th 2008
Author: Frederik S
In: Networking
AirLive WL-2000CAM IP Camera

The WL-2000CAM is a brand new IP camera solution from AirLive. The camera is tailored for home surveillance and even has its own lights so you can use it in a dim room. Much like the other cameras from AirLive this one has wireless capabilities and can even stream video to a 3G cellphone.

Date: Aug 28th 2008
Author: Darksaber
In: Networking
Air Live HP-3000E 200Mbps Ethernet over Powerline Adapters

Power Line adapters utilize the existing cables in your home to establish a network where Wifi is not an option. The Airlive HP-3000E is the company's newest offering of such a system, it promises up to 200 Mbps of bandwidth.