DFI LanParty NF4 SLI-DR Expert

DFI LanParty NF4 SLI-DR Expert

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The motherboard comes in the typical DFI LanParty anime style package, but this time it's colored green to stand out from the non-expert boards.

On the backside there is a picture of the board with the usual product information.

When you open the package, you find the accessories in two "sections" of the package. The IDE and Floppy cables are on the right side, which can be folded up.

Under the cables and manuals is the motherboard safely wrapped into an anti-static bag.


You will receive:
  • Motherboard
  • Users Manual, DIY Installation Guide, Addendum
  • 2x IDE Cable, 1x Floppy Cable, 2x SATA Cable, 1x SATA Power Adapter
  • SLI Bridge
  • IO Shield
  • Driver CD, SATA Driver Floppy
  • Karajan 8 channel audio module
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