be quiet! Straightpower 700W

be quiet! Straightpower 700W

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PSU Inside

The PSU is sealed with this sticker. If you break the sticker, your warranty is gone.

When I opened the PSU the inside looked very familiar. So I took the OCZ PSU I reviewed not long ago and put both side by side.

The PSUs are identical! Except for the PCB color, heatsink color, fan color and case color.

Test Equipment

  • The PSU is connected to an APC SmartUPS which supplies clean 220V input.
  • AC current is measured using a Peaktech 4010 desktop RS232 multimeter with 0.02A accuracy.
  • To measure DC output voltages of the PSU we use a Keithley 2700 6.5 digit data acquisition system. All three input voltages are measured at the same time using a solid state switching system.
  • Power Factor is measured using a generic Power Efficiency Meter.
  • Measurements for Ripple Voltage were obtained using a 100 MHz Tektronix TDS224 Digital Storage Oscilloscope.

Fan noise measurements are performed with an IEC Type 2 Sound level meter and this setup.
It consists of three high-power resistors and a Socket A motherboard. The motherboard creates a small load which makes sure the PSU turns on (some PSUs require a minimum load). Since there is no hardware installed in the motherboard, its power draw is negligible. The three resistors create a static load of 320W (120W @ 12V + 50W @ 5V + 150W @ 12V) - a typical high-performance system. This setup is also used to determine the power conversion efficiency of the PSU.
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