Tuesday, June 1st 2010

TechPowerUp LIVE From Computex 2010

TechPowerUp is coming to you live from Computex 2010, quite literally. A new technology used lets you see high-quality photos from Computex seconds after they're taken from our reporters in the field. A new interface lets you browse through those images, as well as chat with other TechPowerUp members to discuss without even entering the forums. Select pictures will be detailed further in news posts.

TechPowerUp LIVE
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1 request, more pics need to uploaded in full size(the girls).
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The Watchful Moderator
Yes - okay I admit it...
I scanned the mouse over all the pics listed to see watch one allowed me to view the pics with the booth babes; and I was severally disappointed:(

However, there were quite a few pics of some cool looking hardware!!!
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Sir Alex Ice
Pretty sure an easier way was to use microSD wit SD adaptor in the camera, with Android based smartphone with hotswap capability.
Also pretty sure there is still Wimax going on at Computex, upload from laptop using it would've been quite feasible.
Not to mention the many models of digital cameras that have Wi-Fi integrated, from compact to DSLRs and could very well upload using wireless networks.
Your solution sure seems complicated, though quite a bit ingenious.
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