Tuesday, August 17th 2010

Roccat Intros Kone[+] Gaming Mouse with 6000 dpi Sensor

Roccat rolled out its latest mouse that's a design and specifications update to its popular Kone mouse, the Roccat Kone[+]. The Kone[+] boasts of a high-precision 6,000 dpi Pro-Aim laser sensor compared to the 3,200 dpi sensor on the Kone; and a Tracking & Distance Control Unit that ensures maximum precision. With a right-handed orientation, the Kone[+] has 8 buttons with a four-way scroll-wheel, its weight is adjustable by changing weight of a weight box. The EasyShift button mapping system enables up to 22 functions using the 8 physical buttons, button-maps can be changed on the mouse, and each map can be indicated with the multi-color LED lighting bars that flow along the contours of the mouse. Under the hood is a 75 MHz TurboCore processor that reduces system overhead, and 576 KB of memory to store button maps. Poised for release later this month, the Kone[+] from Roccat will be priced at around 80 EUR.
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27 Comments on Roccat Intros Kone[+] Gaming Mouse with 6000 dpi Sensor

Someone here at TPU should buy and overclock it!
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Now you can say "HAHA, my mouse has more ram than your calculator!"
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