Friday, January 7th 2011

Thermaltake Announces the Level 10 GT Case, Iconic Design Meets the Masses

Ever since the modular Spedo in the year 2008 and the legendary compartmentalized design cooperation between Thermaltake and BMW Designworks USA, the Level 10 in 2009, Thermaltake has been leading in inspiring visionary full tower solutions with state-of-the-art design approaches that combine personal computer technology with high-tech defining our daily lives. The daringly futuristic and visionary design concept of the Level 10 Extreme Gaming Station has won all major global design awards (red dot, Taiwan Excellence, iF, G-Mark, IDEA), making it the first PC chassis receiving such worldwide recognition. At the CES 2011 Thermaltake is continuing this tradition by introducing the Level 10 GT, extending the highly acclaimed iconic design concept into the main stream segment.

The design language of the Level 10 GT expresses a passion for visual aesthetics deriving from demanding and immersive game play and multimedia entertainment enthusiasm. Modern games and entertainment applications also require highly advanced hardware configurations, which at the same time request more space and optimized ventilation than conventional hardware.
With EasySwap Pitstop 5 every HDD/SDD has its own removable tray, EasySwap in hot-plug mode within seconds. With this users have greatest storage flexibility and maximum data transfer speeds you need.
Modern multimedia peripherals operate at tremendous data transfer velocities, with 2 USB 3.0 connectors right on the top of the Level 10 GT you be guaranteed to always enjoy SuperSpeed entertainment.
The concept of the clear lines of the outside design of the Level 10 GT are just as well continued in the inside. An advanced and highly convenient cable management bundles respective cables almost like in tunnels behind a back plate. Your system shines in clarity, easy access to all components is warranted for and even ventilation is greatly improved.

High tech components are prone to heat impacting longevity and performance. For this vital reason the implementation of Thermaltake’s QuadFan (of which three also feature ColorShift) Ventilation concept creates an ideal environment for your components to unfold their full potential.
Perception of what and how it is surrounding us, can have strongly inspiring, motivating and vitalizing effects on us. With triple ColorShift three LED fans with five sets of illuminations let you get into the driver seat of your respective moods. Or if so wanted, you turn them all entirely.
At times enthusiasm may push you to the ultimate limits, to where you have not been before. Particularly for those who are bound to go beyond these restrictions, i.e. tune and clock your setting, further measures to keep the heat down might be asked for. Ready for Liquid Cooling Systems you can rest assured to keep your coolness.

Powerful performance needs space to unfold, this is also the case for highly advanced graphics cards, their length has grown considerable over the past years and is most likely to grow even further in the future. With space for up to 37 cm oversized cards, there is sufficient space to stay future proof.

In the end of January Thermaltake will line up with leading motherboard brand ASRock with first stops in Korea (1/18), Tokyo (1/21), Taipei (1/23) and Bangkok (1/25), where you can see the Level 10 GT live and in action.

Right from the beginning of the year 2011 Thermaltake is once again driving inspiration, by introducing a full tower chassis that blends legendary iconic form with convenient function, resulting in an overall perfect user experience.

For more information, visit the product microsite.
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32 Comments on Thermaltake Announces the Level 10 GT Case, Iconic Design Meets the Masses

Lionheart said:
Not sure why everyone is calling it fugly:confused: but everyone is also entitled to their own annoying opinion.It looks pretty awesome to me :)
i agree with lionheart - i think its looks pretty frickin cool. i'd get one if i were rich :P
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TheLaughingMan said:
The old version was much more striking. The modules were spaced a little further apart and seemed like they were floating. The front piece here looks like 1 piece. And the window in the PSU box is a bad idea. Why would anyone every want to see a box inside another box?
the psu will be at the bottom, the window is so you can see the cpu cooler.......
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I think it's a cool design as it is the most unique looking case out there, do I like it, not terribly.

Also the last thermaltake case I had was a Soprano and the quality sucks, I hope it's not as flimsy as that was, thin metal, floppy plastic etc I have never bought a thermaltake case since, defo best cases so far have been my 902, CM Storm Scout and the Sniper which I own now, chunky and solid feeling :D
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Black Haru said:
I don't think its ugly, but I do think it's not very pretty.
i guess what you mean is same :toast:
i dunno why thermaltake design this one, why dont they build a 'normal case' with 'normal price' than this one
and of course the price, i better buy another rig + other case that buy that one
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I hated the first gen. and now I hate the second gen. of these cases. BMW is about refinement, class, and fun all packaged into one great unit. This case is disgusting.
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Wile E
Power User
I love the original Level 10. It's unique and elegant.

But even I think this case is ugly as hell. They completely ruined the original design with this. It doesn't have the same feel to it at all.

It's like a ricer putting a Ferrari style bumper set on a Civic. It's just tacky crap.
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A little birdie from MSi told me to expect it to be significantly cheaper this time.

But cooling is still going to be poor and I guess build quality will suffer, not that it's bee great in the two systems I built with the original.
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