Tuesday, December 27th 2011

Apple: A Touch of Fraud Over Guarantees

It looks like Apple has been a bit naughty in Italy according to Reuters and not been informing customers of their rights to product guarantees and assistance. Not only that, but they encouraged customers to buy their AppleCare Protection Plan, which actually overlapped with the free assistance required by law. Italy's anti-trust body has been looking at the activities of Apple Sales International, Apple Italia and Apple Retail Italia and fined them for the above practices. They have now fined Apple a total of 900,000 Euros over these shenanigans, which will hopefully put a stop to this. Reuters tried having a chat with three Apple spokesmen about this issue, but they were surprisingly elusive.

Separately, Apple faces an investigation over price-fixing deals with ebook publishers, blocking rivals and hurting customers. But there's more: EU anti-trust authorities are also looking closely at Apple's patents dispute with Samsung, as they suspect that their intellectual property rights may have been unfairly used against their rivals to block sales. We reported on this previously, here, concluding that Apple will now have to actually compete in the marketplace, rather than muzzle their rivals. Oh, such a shame.

It does feel to us as if the departure of Steve Jobs has lead Apple to try more underhand tactics than before. It's one thing to apply the Reality Distortion Field, aka clever marketing and lock your products in with DRM, but quite another to commit such obvious fraud against your customers. It looks like Apple may have started, or will soon start to haemorrhage customers and quite rightly, too.
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People should research the products they buy; look at the warranties, terms and conditions. What apple did was underhand but not illegal. Its like electronics stores that sell a one year warranty when a tv has a 3 year FREE warranty.

At least Apple are now being told to make it clear. The problem is not that Apple sell a useless care package its that they dont make their warranty and the legal conditions for the country the product is sold in clear, they make it seem like the customer should buy said care package.

In the end its ultimately the consumers fault for not doing the research.
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I glad i don't use any Apple products...
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qubit said:
Well, that's not strictly true - other companies get outed as well.

However, Apple has had a very good reputation in this regard until now, so when they start pulling stunts like this it's very much news. Also, wouldn't you rather be informed about it than be kept in the dark?

EDIT: this info is especially useful to our Italian readers who are looking to buy Apple products, as they can now make an informed decision. Yeah, get the info out there, blog about it, whatever and make sure everybody knows!
Believe me...folks like me who are generaly interested in the IT tech daily sceneary, already suspected this fishy behaviour...it's just that when you have this kinda awareness/knowledge, you generally don't purchase Apple products; you go with that thing/s that does the same stuff and costs less.

Problem is stupid people pretending to konw somethin about tech, buying Apple product because they "know" (:rolleyes:) it's the best tech-thing out there. I don't feel sorry for these people (just like most americans don't feel sorry for rednecks who just don't want to move from places like Tornado Alley) ...and trust me, there are thousands of them in Italy. Thousands of ignorant dumbasses that with their ignorant choices shape the political-economical situation of Italy day by day.

How's Italy doing lately? YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW!

Hell, if it wasn't for enlightened artists like Donatello, Brunelleschi, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Tintoretto, Bellini, Botticelli, Caravaggio, Ghiberti, Giotto, Raphael etc etc...(and probably Venice) you wouldn't even want to come visit Italy so much today, now would you?

Oh yeah the food! Big time marketing on that too...you really think pizza, spaghetti, lasagna and mozzarella don't taste as good in other places wordwide? :wtf:

ps: 900,000 Euros fine...............................Apple revenue 2011: 108 billion $
...Yeah right I'm sure they've learned the lesson and never do it again :rolleyes:
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