Monday, January 30th 2012

ABIT Website To Go Completely Shut By End of February

Back in March, 2009, the industry lost ABIT as a consumer motherboard vendor, as it announced its exit. ABIT had been a reputable vendor of high-end PC motherboards. The company stayed on as a shell to complete honoring warranties, with its website on a little longer, to help with drivers, BIOS, and product manual downloads, among other things. It appears now that the clock for the website has also run out. A notice on the start page of the website says that the website will go offline on the 28th February, 2012. If you have an ABIT product, it would be a good idea to download PDF files of its manuals, a copy of its BIOS (if applicable), and drives, before the website goes down for good.
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56 Comments on ABIT Website To Go Completely Shut By End of February

H82LUZ73 said:
Wow this Troll is really hungry today......
Indeed you are ... crawl back under your rock now.
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Was my MoBo of choice right up until my latest build.

IP-35 Pro

All great boards and all still work as good as the day I bought them. The last 2 were finally retired in the last 6 months. I was pretty torn on my last build not being able to go ABit again.
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faramir said:
Indeed you are ... crawl back under your rock now.
PP Mcguire, is that you?
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Solaris17 said:
im downloading the entire Downloads section via FTP atm. Ill hold onto the files.
Coolio! Thanks man!
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PopcornMachine said:
I have that very motherboard.

My IP35 is still working in GFs system with an E5200 in it.
Good board that, I 'upgraded' to a gigabyte P45 from an IP35-E but the IP35-E was far better for o/c stability esp when it came to ram. I only upgraded 'cos I wanted raid. Should've got a full blown IP35 instead. :)
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