Tuesday, February 7th 2012

Hackers Held Symantec to Ransom Over pcAnywhere Source Code Leak

Security software maker Symantec confirmed to the press that the group of hackers that obtained source code of its pcAnywhere software were holding it to ransom. The group claims to be linked to Anonymous. The group allegedly demanded US $50,000 from Symantec in return for destroying the source code it stole, on failing to pay it, the group threatened it would leak the source code to the public, which would expose the software to malware writers and competitors.

Symantec has apparently been in negotiations with the hacker group over preventing the leak, it even agreed to pay the group its "ransom", provided it could do so in monthly installments. The group declined, and the negotiations fell through. A transcript of this email conversation was posted on Pastebin (can be accessed here). The hackers claimed to have posted the source code of pcAnywhere (in a 2.3 GB RAR archive), on a popular bit-torrent site. In our opinion, extorting money is very un-Anonymous. Anonymous, being the self-proclaimed hacktivist group that it is, would post the source code "just for the lulz", without even getting into negotiations with Symantec.

Source: Hexus.net
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26 Comments on Hackers Held Symantec to Ransom Over pcAnywhere Source Code Leak

You know what seems strange to me? That the Pcanywhere source code was stolen waaay back in 2006 and it got them 6 years to admit this.:))

Pretty glad right now I don't use any apps from Symantec, there are other better alternatives to Pcanywhere that don't have source code shared all over the web.Lool.

Oh speaking of Symantec and Pcanywhere, I heard something about a new audials anywhere app, or at least I think its some sorta app, and I was wondering if it's got anything to do with Pcanywhere.

Can't seem to find any info on this and was curious if it's related in any way to Pcanywhere.
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