Friday, February 24th 2012

Max Payne 3 PC Has "Gloriously Increased" Detail

Max Payne fans among PC gamers are in for a visual treat with Max Payne 3, for which they don't have to wait six more months than console gamers, according to a latest news release by Rockstar. The PC version of Max Payne 3 will not only launch on the same day as its console counterpart (May 29th in North America and June 1st in Europe), but will also feature "gloriously increased resolution and graphical detail in both the epic story and the explosive multiplayer modes." The publisher then went on to release three screenshots from the PC version of the game. It didn't go into much more detail, saying that it will talk about special graphics hardware support and enhancements, as well as system specs a little closer to the game's launch.

Higher resolution images can be accessed at the source.Source: Rockstar Games
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TPU addict
m1dg3t said:
I dunno, nostalgia wont net an extra $10 - $20 from me this go 'round. Perhap's i'm becoming more frugal in my elder year's :o

Never really saw any point to paying a premium for anything, got caught up a few time's in the early day's but not so much anymore. I could always wait for one of these young wipper snipper's to buy it, play it, trash it and sell it to me for $30 after a month of useage :laugh:
Well we knew we would not have the money for it this time of year so we used the tax return lol.

Have this horrid feeling the story's going suck ass. Getting tired of game lately mainly because there been a lack of imagination \ story ) but this happens every 10 years about so nothing new there.
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I tend to stick with my "core" of game's unless something really grab's me but like you said it seem's as if "innovation" in gaming development is really hit & miss :o

IMHO This title and FC3 are really looking good to me, i just hope the actual game's/gameplay are as good as the trailer's ;)
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