Wednesday, June 6th 2012

Warm Tek Displays a Refreshing New Heatsink Design

This bunch of neatly arranged copper rods caught our eyes at Computex. Called the "Blonde Hedgehog," the exhibit below is a new heatsink design concept, in which numerous copper rods bunch up inside a ring, which makes up the base, where they make direct contact with the CPU, and fan-out towards the top. A fan then ventilates the bunch. The copper rod design ensures extremely high surface area for dissipation, the down-flow of the air cools other components surrounding the CPU socket, as well. The rods are held together by pressure, and not welding. In fact, the designers are bragging about the design being weld-free.
Warm Tek has two variations of the design, the standard one, Blonde Hedgehog C120, has exposed copper rods, and measures 140 x 140 x 90 mm, utilizing a 120 mm custom-design fan. The exposed copper rods are put through anti-oxidant treatment at the factory. There's a variant with nickel-plated copper rods, too. Another, slightly different and smaller variation of this, is called Baby Hedgehog, which measures 90 x 90 x 30 mm, and is meant for low-power CPUs.
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Liquid Cool
These remind me of the OLD Swiftech Design. Those sucker's we're about the heaviest CPU cooler I've ever owned. Very Solid.


Actually back in a day i considered buying one of those and a couple of delta fans,(to mount on top of each other), to cool my pentium 4. Good old days :D
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Originally Posted by phanbuey
I have a feeling that these will not work very well.

I was about to say the same...although I cant quite figure out why, could it be that it might have to do with heat not being properly moved away from the rods since they are positioned that way? Plus the base of the heatsink seems to have a very uneven surface, far from mirror flat with a lot of micro-holes that won't perform great even with excelent thermal paste (too many micro air-bubbles)
lapping that would be a right mare, and they arent heat pipes, they are copper rods ,heat pipes would work better
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We got so much better coolers now a days & specially with heat pipe & lots of them are cheap to buy
Anyhow i won't be buying one that for sure...

Let's play badminton. Anyone?
Yeah! sure why not?
But ill throw first , then i am out of there & not coming back ever... :D
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Hilux SSRG
I hope it performs. The cooler looks great. Maybe it can be reviewed sometime by TPU?
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All I can think of is the fan pushing dust right down to the base of those "thingy's" trapping the heat from reaching the top... and also being a bitch to clean.
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Oh god hear they go again. These did not perform the first time, they will not this time around either.
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If you pull just one rod out, the whole foundation would crumble XD
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