Sunday, September 30th 2012

Modbook Pro to Launch with All Solid-State Architecture

Creative technologies developer Modbook Inc. today announced that its highly portable 13.3-inch Mac-based pen tablet computer, the Modbook Pro, will forego the traditional internal storage method of hard disk drives (HDDs) in favor of high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs). The standard internal storage option on the Modbook Pro will be a 64 GB solid-state drive, with upgrades possible to increase internal SSD storage to 480 GB.

Modbook Inc. today also announced that the ordering process for the Modbook Pro is scheduled to begin next Wednesday, October 3, 2012. Customers with shipping addresses in the United States will be able to order the Modbook Pro online for shipment as early as mid-November.

An innovative computer modification product, every complete 13.3-inch Modbook Pro solution incorporates: the original hardware of a new Apple MacBook Pro computer running OS X Mountain Lion (and optionally Microsoft Windows 7); a digitizer from the industry leader in pen tablet technology, Wacom, that offers 512 levels of pen pressure sensitivity; and a ForceGlass pen interface with a paper-emulating drawing surface. The Modbook Pro is the ideal portable workstation for creative users.

In pre-production testing of the Modbook Pro, Modbook Inc. found that solid-state drive options offered a number of clear advantages over mechanical drives. SSDs allow users to get their Modbook Pro up and running fast and handle files of almost any size effortlessly. This speed of access and performance is perfect for the demands of creative users who often work with multiple large files at the same time.

In its base configuration, the Modbook Pro will ship with Modbook Inc.'s original 64 GB Nishara-class SATA 3 SSD, offering asynchronous NAND technology that balances storage space, speed and performance. Customers can upgrade to Modbook Inc.'s original Sanshara™class SATA 3 SSDs with up to 480 GB of storage. The top-of-the-line Sanshara drives employ synchronous NAND technology and deliver the best speed and performance available in flash-based storage. Modbook Inc.'s Nishara and Sanshara drives are built from the highest quality components. In addition to their outstanding performance and reliability, these drives offer durability over the long haul - as contrasted with the possibility of mechanical failure with HDDs. The live system of an SSD-powered Modbook Pro operates without any moving parts (aside from its base system's optical drive), dramatically decreasing the chances for data corruption or loss. Also, the Modbook Pro's SSDs are fine-tuned to not interfere with its high-resolution pen tablet interface (whereas the electromagnetic field emissions of HDDs are notoriously difficult to control).

"We're thrilled about the performance edge our Nishara and Sanshara drives will give Modbook Pro users. Once you've experienced the near instant-on startup and lightning fast system performance of an SSD-powered Modbook Pro, you won't ever go back," said Andreas E. Haas, chief executive officer and chief technology officer of Modbook Inc.

Modbook Pro orders are scheduled to begin next Wednesday. Customers with shipping addresses in the United States will be able to place their custom build orders for the Modbook Pro online, with the first Modbook Pro orders shipping in November. Detailed product specifications, pricing and availability information will be announced next week.

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