Sunday, September 30th 2012

Gigabyte Preps GeForce GTX 680 OC with 4 GB of Memory

Taiwan-based Gigabyte Technology is now working on releasing another customized GeForce GTX 680 card, a model codenamed GV-N680OC-4GD which is factory overclocked, packs 4 GB of memory (double the amount of most GTX 680s), and comes equipped with a WINDFORCE 3X 450 W triple-fan cooler.

Gigabyte's card also has an Ultra Durable VGA design (2oz copper PCB, Ferrite Core (Metal) Chokes, Low RDS (on) MOSFET, Japanese Solid Capacitor), a GPU clocked at 1071/1137 MHz Base/Boost (standard is 1006/1058 MHz), a 256-bit memory interface, a memory clock of 6008 MHz, and dual-DVI, HDMI (gold-plated) and DisplayPort outputs. No word yet on availability or pricing.
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Kinda wish this was Penta-slot. Now what am I going to do with all of this space?
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On the other hand, how many of all the 680s sold are in a SLI setup?

And then there's the demographic of people who want to stick one of *The most badass card he/she can afford & can use to showoff*, but don't really know much about computers (usually very little). This card is a perfect for that.
And how big is this demographic? From the people I encountered in the last 5 years: MUCH larger than the people genuinely interested in SLI.
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Ghost said:
That's Gigabyte's problem. They should have made cut-ins in heatsink and placed fans there to make this card dual-slot. Or simply used heatsink from 2GB version...
Or something to keep it a 2 slot card!
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tacosRcool said:
they should of just made all of em 4 GBs....
Yes, but they WANT you to upgrade next year... If they made them 4gb standard, next year you might see that you have plenty of power to run anything at all, even with the new console titles out. But if you get suckered into buying a 2gb card now, next year you may very well "have to" shell out again. Guess which option nV and its bed partners prefer?

That being said, I will get me 3 x GTX 680 4gb in early 2013 and run 3D surround. But no tri-slot, thanks. Already 3 video cards is 6 slots, I'll probably need one of them crazy 9-slot mobos...
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AnnCore said:
That might have been a nice compromise. A little less heatsink to sort of embed the fans and keep the whole thing 2 slot. Might have cost them more to produce but at the same time they might sell more with the idea that they can be SLId.

Now I ask you Ghost, why aren't we working for them in Marketing, or R&D or Sales? Heck why don't we just self-appoint ourselves CEOs... :laugh:
Probably because me and Gigabyte peeps fail to communicate to each other. I still have their stuff lying around. They might or might not take it back. Any minute now... Spamming them with emails doesn't seem to be very effective.
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