Saturday, May 4th 2013

Presenting the All New TechPowerUp

Welcome to the all new TechPowerUp, a refreshing redesign of your favorite place on the web for PC hardware and technology.

Our brand new site design modernizes the site, makes it more usable, while not deviating from our focus on simplicity, without confusing it with minimalism. The site features clean and bright elements that are ready for ultra high-definition displays, and devices with high-density screens, such as iPad with Retina display, and the new breed of smartphones with 1080p displays. Our site not only scales up with some of these devices, but also its elements keep up with high-density displays.

Our new site design introduces a suite of new features to our main sections, including Reviews, Downloads, Case-mod Gallery, and our four databases. The Reviews section gets more usable summary lists, the Downloads section makes it easier to find what you're looking for. The Case-mod gallery is optimized for high-resolution images, and features an improved gallery view. We've always considered our four databases - Reviews, VGA BIOS, GPU, and CPU, our strengths, and optimized each with unique sets of new features that greatly improve usability. All the content is timed to the users' local time.

Work on the all new TechPowerUp began in early-2013, and was designed by taking inputs and feedback from all of our departments. In April, we opened the new design up for testing by the TechPowerUp Forums community, and took a great deal of feedback from it.

We're extremely happy to launch our new interface to the web, designed by everyone who holds the site dear.
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136 Comments on Presenting the All New TechPowerUp

fullinfusion said:
but android app under reviews wont load.
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This is not much of a issue, but for Analytics, there is some missing meta data. Like a Untitled Body, Article, & Nav. This is just one Web Developers suggestion. The new site looks great! :toast:
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The review section runs so much faster. :toast:
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Live OR Die
Seems simplistic more made for tablets not PCs.
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Castiel said:
This is not much of a issue, but for Analytics, there is some missing meta data. Like a Untitled Body, Article, & Nav.
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It's god awful ugly, please reverse it or provide a classic version.
My eye balls hate you. :eek:

It needs a black background. 27" of the sun piercing my eyes is evil.
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I refreshed the page,, SURPRISE,, Wow Looks Awesome, case gallery layout Rocks just not able to sort the post anymore or didn't see the option,, Still looks great,,Thanks for the Revamp
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Not sure if this is a problem, but after certain period of time, like half an hour or so, I keep getting signing out automatically for no reason. Hope you can look into in W1zz. :toast:
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T4C Fantasy
CPU & GPU DB Maintainer
gpu db still needs a lot of fixes and adjustments along with gpu-z validation screens not registering specific dev ids
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Nice work, guys. Most website redesigns are usually jarring, but this was pretty painless.
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I personally think it's pretty much the same. :) (a little bit too white, but OK)
But I have 2 complaints:

One is that (history-wise) already visited/opened links don't change colours. :( That pretty much confuses me when I regularly check the site (I have a bad short-term memory I suppose).

And the other one is that when I read an article - I usually click on the "comments" link to read the article from the forums. I just like it best that way - nice, clean and well-formated. :)

I just want to ask this one thing - could you please add a forum link/button next to every article - I'll be very, very, Very happy if you do that :) :) :)
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not bad, but the remark regarding the **insert review+insert review site** language is gone.
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There are unused sections on the left and right and there's no avatars. I'm not feeling it.
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it is great, really sweet!
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Now that's way better good job...
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Senior Moderator
hardcore_gamer said:
Please add the avatars. Otherwise it looks fine.
Where? The comments on the front page?

There never were avatars there.
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As someone who works in the field, this is very nice and clean.

Some minor inconsistencies, but that's about it.

Good job!
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Seriously guys, the old site was like this:

A pair of old pants that you love. They don't look too good or anything but you don't care because they work and are damn comfortable.

Now the new site is like this:

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good gobbley goo..... I've been updated....where did system specs go?... oops never mind as soon as I posted poof !!! Its all GOOD!!!!!!!!!
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It's nice actually, but I don't really like the header (day/date) font
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Steven B
I really liked the old site, infact i would always point to it and say this is one very good looking site, it was simple however it was nice to look at. Now i need a new site to point at.

I don't know if i like this or not. At least you didn't change your forums.
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pigulici said:
The condensed font make my eyes hurt, bad choice(and I work in design field), the rest it is ok.
100% agreed, the article body-text is totally wrong - it honestly makes my eyes hurt as well. Ouchy! :twitch: I even have the site zoomed in to 135% and it still feels like it's just not easy to focus on. It's too condensed and it looks too soft. And that was my first impression before I even read any of the comments...

Otherwise everything else looks really well done!
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Semi-Retired Folder
I like everything except that it doesn't take up the entire screen. 50% of the space is completely wasted with grey bars.
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