Wednesday, September 18th 2013

TechPowerUp and GIGABYTE Announce Sweepstakes

In association with GIGABYTE, TechPowerUp announced the Gamers Wanted Sweepstakes, in partnership with Splinter Cell: Blacklist. We're running not one, but two concurrent sweepstakes, one exclusive to TechPowerUp readers. Up for grabs are GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 760 OC 4GB graphics cards, and GIGABYTE Aivia Osmium mechanical gaming keyboards.

GIGABYTE's TechPowerUp-exclusive sweepstakes are in the classic giveaway format. You fill in a form on our Facebook page, and drop your hat into the giveaway. One lucky winner gets both the graphics card and keyboard on offer. The Gaming Wallpaper Design contest, on the other hand, is run entirely by GIGABYTE. You submit your original desktop wallpaper design with the running theme being "FPS gaming." The best entry, judged by GIGABYTE, wins a graphics card and keyboard. The GIGABYTE-TechPowerUp Giveaway is open for entries from today, up to the 15th of October. The wallpaper contest takes its last entries on the 13th of October.

To begin, visit our Facebook page, and click on either of the two sweepstakes to participate in them. Good Luck!
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29 Comments on TechPowerUp and GIGABYTE Announce Sweepstakes

Doesnt work for me.

I remember the good old days when competitions and sweepstakes werent exclusively tied to farcebook.

Hand me my slippers!
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Works for me! Cheers! :toast:
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...for the win!

thank you for the win-I will use the vid card+keyboard in good health.This is the closest that I have been to a top end card...
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