Wednesday, March 7th 2007

GeCube Unveiles X1950XT X PCI-E Video Card

Following on from the launch of its X1950XT AGP 8X product, the Taiwanese graphics card company Info-Tek released today its GECUBE X1950XT X series for the PCI-Express 16X lane. The GECUBE X1950XT X series PCI-E also uses the ATI Radeon R580+(90nm) chip matched with 512MB of GDDR3 memory. The card is equipped with the company's proprietary Turbo Extreme Silent Fan, which is extremely quiet (18db when running in 3D mode). The GECUBE 1950XT X series is clocked at 628MHz core and supports the latest Shader Model 3.0 architecture. It also has 48 pixel pipelines, support for High Definition Content Protection (HDCP), Blu-ray, HD DVD, 1080i, and HDTV’s high definition video output. This product has been certified by Windows Vista Premium WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs), so you'll run the 3D Aero interface easily.

Source: GECUBE
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26 Comments on GeCube Unveiles X1950XT X PCI-E Video Card

ati trys to stick to a monthly update secdule or bi-monthy depeds on the need, why update something that dosnt need updated just for the hell of it, update it when you acctualy have something important to update :)

i got tired of nvidia driver support with my 5800ultra, and from my exp it didnt get better with my 6800gt, same kinda crap, "tweaked" drivers to give better perf at the cost of IQ and fetures.

ati moved to monthy updated in like 2004

far better then i had with nvidia where i had to use beta drivers to try and get fixes for some problems i ran into over and over......agggg i dont evern want to think about all the time we spent trying to get a buddys quadsli working properly, we gave up he ebayed them recently and his mobo, hes got a new 580board on the way as well as a set of x19*0 cf uber cards on the way :) (he got a good price for all the stuff he sold....more then i expected)

when they arrive i will help him set it up :)
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