Thursday, July 8th 2021

Cryptocurrency Miners Selling RTX 3060 Cards For 270 USD in China

The Chinese government imposed harsh restrictions on cryptocurrency transactions last month which forced many mining farms to relocate or shut down and sell their equipment. This mass exodus has helped drive graphics card pricing downwards and according to recent reports, the price for RTX 3060 cards has hit a low of 270 USD (1760 yuan). These prices appear to be limited and only available for large purchases in China however as more farms are forced to sell we may see some cards listed for individual or international sale. Gaming laptops with RTX 3060 graphics cards that were purchased for mining farms are also entering the market for ~1000 USD. While the RTX 3060 cards currently represent the best value mining operations are selling a wide variety of NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards. These prices have been falling steadily over the last week so we wouldn't be surprised if they continue to drop.
Sources: The Block, HKEPC
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28 Comments on Cryptocurrency Miners Selling RTX 3060 Cards For 270 USD in China

Very bad news for the scalpers! :D:laugh::roll:
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Even if you're stealing electricity, and can't max out the amount of electricity you have available to you, there's literally no reason to be running GPUs at 100% power limit mining. It just uses more electricity/generates more heat and doesn't mine any faster.
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Hardcore GamesI know that Chia has more or less imploded so I figure more carnage cannot be far off
Good. Chia was stupid and the last thing we need in addition to expensive graphics cards is expensive storage as well!
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