Monday, November 12th 2007

More ATI Radeon HD 3800 Scores Hit the Web

Another "quick review" has made its way to the public, just before the official release of ATI HD 38** series. This time IAX Tech reviews the latest TSMC manufactured 55nm RV670 GPU. This article includes single and CrossFire results under 3Dmark06 as well as NVIDIA 8800GT score as comparison.

New 55nm From ATI HD3870 Quick Review - 3DMark06 and DX10 Crysis

Source: IAX Tech
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30 Comments on More ATI Radeon HD 3800 Scores Hit the Web

Heedless Psychic
Meh. Still poor DX10 performance (that goes for both camps) I'll be sitting on my 1950Pro a while longer.
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Maybe not a LOT but all considered for their capability. It's not like the 2900XT. . .
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Senior Moderator
sinner33 said:
Come on ATI! Kick 8800GT BUTT! :nutkick: :nutkick: :nutkick:

Hopefully newer catalyst drivers will once more allow the ATI 3870 speed up and overcome the 8800GT. I want to upgrade to an ATI part. :toast:
Yep, but it's a different game this time, with the HD2900 it was released 6 months after the G80 so the G80 drivers had pretty much developed all they were going to, this time they are both brand new cards so the 8800GT can only get better also, and it's got a headstart at least in performance terms.
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