Tuesday, May 6th 2008

GTAIV Apple and iPhone parody

The folks at Rockstar are well known for integrating cool tidbits into their games. In the latest continuation of the Grand Theft Auto series, they made sure to make fun of Apple and their iPhone. Apple, dubbed "iFruit" in the game, is "overpriced" and "minimalistic", while the iPhone "has no buttons" nor "storage capacity", but is all "ego". The screenshots speak for themselves:

Source: TUAW.com and Flickr
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The whole whole game is hilarious. Those of you that own the game; have you watched the TV shows in Niko's Safehouse? :roll:

Too funny...
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Ravenas said:
The internet broswer is even designed kinda like Safari...That's great. :toast:
Yea, it sucks:laugh:
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Dangle said:
Yea, it sucks:laugh:
Yup an awful attempt at a streamlined browser, similar to some other browsers I've encountered.
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