Thursday, January 8th 2009

GeCube Warns Against Counterfeit Graphics Cards

You read it. There are elements in Asia using the GeCube brand name to sell counterfeit graphics cards based on the ATI Radeon HD 4000 series graphics processors. Large inventories of counterfeit GeCube graphics cards have reportedly made it to the market and threten to dilute GeCube's market position and its image as a reputed AMD add-in board partner.

GeCube has released a few guidelines to help consumers spot these counterfeits and report them to the authorities. In the picture below, GeCube points out distict features found on genuine GeCube graphics cards that consumers should inspect at the time of purchase. A list of GeCube graphics cards certified by AMD can be found here. The press statement GeCube issued can be read here.

Sources:, GeCube
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AddSub said:
Counterfeit GeCube cards are tarnishing AMD's image? Is this a joke? GeCube cards tarnish AMD's image period, counterfeit or not. I've owned sveral GeCube cards and they always, ALWAYS, had issues on the hardware level. The following is what I have experienced with GeCube products over the years: missing or damaged temperature diodes, missing pixel pipelines, artifacting at stock clocks, no accessories included even though they are advertised on the box, bizzare VRAM configurations, poorly soldered capacitors, and the list goes on.

This is GeCube just trying to get some attention. Pure marketing propaganda.
dude you yourself have told me you hate AMD and that Nvidia is the only company worth buying videocards from, and that Intel is the only company worth buying cpu's from......
and in my exp most GeCube cards where acctualy produced by Sapphire and just badged as GeCube.
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The Exiled Airman
when you get people like that spewing their stuff, just take it with a grain of salt, they will eventually shut their starfishes because no one is listening to them anymore.
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cdawall----> They are palit cards, so any palit 4650 & 4670 will have the same performance + component as these. Just look for the review from palit of the same model

Is it not a good card? well, is palit not a good card? the answers applies both since they share the same OEM. Btw, all of the caps are rubycon & i consider these cards are fine cards, just like any other cards in the price range

There is a thin line though between rebranding by headquarters( like gainwards using palit design) and rebranding by local distributor without approval from HQ(like these ones)...:)

How do i know this? by this...

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