Wednesday, February 4th 2009

Google Launches the Internet Bus in India

Google has launched what is essentially a mobile internet cafe called the Internet Bus, to go around India providing poorer people, experience and education in using the internet. Using a high speed connection via what appears to be satellite, the vehicle has the words "Explore the World of the Internet" along the sides, it has not been cheaply done either. The whole vehicle appears to be a custom build, with large flat screen monitors, custom stands and lots of pretty lights. It has been said by the source, that the amount of people in India who are officially below the poverty line, is nearly as much as the total population of the USA. A video advertisement has also surfaced on YouTube, which you can find here.

Source: Alien Babel Tech
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lemonadesoda said:
They should have food, water, beds and medicine on the bus. Far more important for poor people than googling the internet. These poor people probably cant type or use a mouse.

I agree with others here. Cheap form of "do-good-er" advertising. It helps noone but themselves :slap:

Not unless the bus get hijacked and turned into a shelter. Then it would really help a few.
What about people who already have those. There are many people in my engineering college who have come villages and such who have never used a comp and they suddenly have to start using it cause we have C programming and also internet access is very important for Paper presentations and research worl. The college does provide it systems but they are extremely slow and use IE6 only.
There is a descent amount being about the food too.
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Weer said:
Would you consider moving to India for it and relinquishing all your funds for it?
I didnt say all that now :P
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Woo,whats up with India lately? They are going to make whole country connected.:DI remeber that Politician Naidu or someone had E government back.
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I am surprised not to see anyone riding on the roof of the bus
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Senior Moderator
Infractions heading out. Back on topic please. Do not call members noobs, do not stereotype nationalities.
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alexp999 said:
A video advertisement has also surfaced on YouTube, which you can find here.
Random Murderer said:
take that, google video!
Click on "watch in high quality" and see where the video is coming from ;)
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i want take this car an go for a ride in vagas
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Gimmie some of that ' Google Weed '.

*I wonder how many Indians can fit in the ' Google Weednet Bus '.*

*The bus driver better be able to read Google Maps, because if the bus dont get stolen, rampaged, burnt or bombed in India, it sure will as it crosses the border.*

*Lucky there is always a clear sky over India (For that perfect sat. reception) . . . Hey, what's that smell ?*

*If that bus was allowed in the western suburbs of Melbourne - Australia, the bus driver would have to be packing some heavy artilery with an airstrike on-call and would probably have to use it prior to putting the keys in the ignition. Im sure the same would be required in most parts of Australia (Sydney would be a warzone).*

*Arnt we in a recession ? Did India use a ' Get out of recession free card ' ? Was India always in a recession ? Maybe this bus will help . . .*

Dammit im all out of Google weed. bbl
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I agree with others, this is a waste. There's no point in doing this in poor areas when most of them probably don't even have computers. That money could have been spent elsewhere or the bus put to better use.

lemonadesoda said:

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