Monday, March 23rd 2009

Radeon HD 4750 Gets First Listing

With all the attention the RV790 (Radeon HD 4890) is grabbing as it heads for launch, we almost seem to forget its smaller sibling, the RV740 (Radeon HD 4750) is also in the works. What makes the special, is the fact that it is the industry's first GPU to be built on the 40 nm silicon fabrication process.

A preview of this desktop card surfaced late last month, which showed its performance to sit somewhere between those of the Radeon HD 4830, and HD 4850. With this the company plans to step up the heat against NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT, and is adequately equipped to bear the brunt of a price-war, thanks to the lower manufacturing costs this card brings. German retailer Hardware has added the first listing of the card, which shows its price set at 129.90 €.
Source:, Image Courtesy: Guru3D
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AltecV1 said:
yea that is expensive:eek:i thought thy will be costing like ~100$ not 150$:ohwell:
Well, first off it's the European market, so the pricing will always be a little off from what we'll see here in the US. Secondly, notice how this is the only one of these cards you can get anywhere, so obviously they're trying to milk it for all it's worth. With AMD trying to reduce the 4870's price to $150, I highly doubt they're endorsing a $130-150 price point for the 4750...
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TheMailMan78 said:
4770? :wtf:
My bad, 4750

I keep thinking it was 70/50, when it ended up being 50/30 in the end. Which brings me to another topic of discussion:

What's up with the decided 650/3200 clock btw? I thought they'd settled on 700mhz/3600. Judging by the TDP, I really don't understand it. If you're over 75W and need a 6-pin plug, why not go for broke in the desktop arena? 78W, amongst everything else (4ghz gddr5 @ 3200mhz), makes it appear more than a little held back...

Why not just release a 800/3900-4000ish part and be done with it? Aw, yes...that pesky 4850. They mustn't hurt it's sales.

By the time gt214 launches, rv770 parts should be fairly cleared from the market in preparation for rv870, in which a rv740 part with higher clockspeeds replacing the 4800 series would make quite a bit of sense.

Theory of the day:

There's GOT to be a reason for the 70 slot being left open, and why rv740's highest end part has such a weak clock speed. Maybe 4770/4790 parts launch with rv870 at similar clockspeeds (rumored to be 800/4000ish, 975/5000ish). These clockspeeds on a rv740 would effectively, almost perfectly, replace the 4850 and 4870 spec for spec, with the exception of course of the two parts being closer in bandwidth, and 4790 not being able to touch 4870's 256-bit bus...but would it really need to?

This theory would help explain how rv740 could bridge the midrange of two generations. Low clocks at first to be rv770's bitch, all the while higher parts are stock-piled and 40nm becomes more mature.
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i don't was think this beat 9800gt , im check it now this one blow 9800gt away
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The Exiled Airman
I like how they got away from the blower fan (blower fans are ineffective on Graphics due to small fins used) Speaking of which can anyone buy graphics from AMD directly like back in the day or is it all 3rd party?
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