Wednesday, April 22nd 2009

Design Your Own HD 4890 Contest Extended

Earlier this month, amongst extensive news and reviews coverage of the ATI Radeon HD 4890 graphics accelerator, TechPowerUp in partnership with Hightech Information Systems (HIS) announced the "Design Your Own HD 4890 Contest", where we will be giving away a special HIS Radeon HD 4890 graphics accelerator with body graphics designed by you. Your winning design makes it to the first prize itself, while first and second runners up receive other great prizes by HIS.

Thanks to the great response from our readers, we have decided to extend the contest up to May 31st 2009. We are overwhelmed by the creativity many of our contestants have exhibited, some even thinking they could come up with more than three design candidates. We have therefore decided to up the limit to five, just to let you step up your chances by a good margin. For participation, contest rules, or simply to browse through the entries so far, please visit this page.
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30 Comments on Design Your Own HD 4890 Contest Extended

Crazy 4 TPU!!!
ShadowFold said:
Yea most of them have unapproved logo's or pre-rendered images from another source.
Mines is the only one that really isn't(look at above post), i must be winning.:laugh:
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MRCL said:
You will have a 4890 that is uniqe man. I would be stoked if I'd win a ATI Rage with my design (if they had fan shrouds that is).
If you want one that bad, draw something up, and get it printed, put it on a 4890.
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3870x2 said:
If you want one that bad, draw something up, and get it printed, put it on a 4890.
Lol wouldn't be the same tho.
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to tell you the entire truth, the exact same. Except that way, you could choose any 4890, instead of the HIS.
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Editor & Senior Moderator
You do realise that you win the card (get a HD 4890 for free if you win), right?
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