Sleeving a Fan with Expandable Sleeving

Author: t_ski
Date: 2006-06-15 13:58:53

Inserting the Wires

Now the wires can be inserted into the sleeving.

If there is a spot where there is too much resistance, you can bunch up the sleeving and inch it along until it is in the right place.

When you are done it should look like this:

Don’t remove the electrical tape just yet, as we will now need to put the heatshrink tubing on to hold the sleeving in place. With your scissors cut two pieces of tubing, each about 1.5” in length.

Push these on over the sleeving, with the first piece going closest to the fan.

Now we need to shrink the tubing to fit properly. This can be done with your lighter, but be careful not to burn the heatshrink (especially if using the cheaper glossy kind).

Finishing Up

At this point you are ready to insert the pins back into the connector, but before you do, inspect them carefully. You may need to pry the tab upwards so that it will engage in the connector once in place.

Using the drawing or photo you utilized in the first step, insert the wires back into the connector. When done correctly it will line up with the power source.

It doesn’t hurt to double check your work by powering up the fan with a separate power source before plugging it in to your motherboard.

When everything is OK, you can re-install the fan onto your heatsink. Your case is now neater and more organized. Continue to do the rest of your fans to match and it will be ready to show off at your next LAN party.

Special thanks to Darksaber for his photographic assistance.

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