ECS nForce4-A939 Voltmods

Author: celemine
Date: 2006-05-11 17:25:27


Datasheet of the LM324 controller:

This controller is responsible for Vdimm as well as VLDT.

VDIMM (left side of the LM324 according to the picture)

Connect the 200K and the 10K potentiometers in series, thus getting a total resistance of 210K. You could also only use the single 200K poti, but I like to have a bit more precision using the additional 10K poti to adjust the voltage when the changes are too high using the 200K poti alone (mostly in the lower K-Ohm-range). Finally just make the connection between pin#3 and pin#4(VCC) like shown in the picture.

VDimm and VTT Measure

For the VLDT-mod you do basically the same as for VDimm. You connect 1x 500K and 1x 50K potentiometers in series, and then solder them in between pin#10 and pin#4(VCC). That's all. Just like shown in the picture above.

Important info concerning VLDT:
VLDT is directly dependant on VChipset! That means VLDT can never exceed VChipset. For example for a VLDT of 1.5V you would need to set VChipset to at least 1.55V. And so on...
The higher you set VChipset, the higher the range of adjustable VLDT voltages.

VLDT Measure

Please have a look at the next page. The picture which shows the VChipset measuring points, also shows the measuring points for VLDT as they are located directly next to eachother.

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