TechPowerUp PSU Review Methodology

Author: crmaris
Date: 2011-04-15 17:45:53

Equipment Cost - Conclusion

In this article I described the necessary equipment needed for a proper PSU review and the most significant tests that a reviewer should run. Nevertheless each reviewer follows his own methodology but in general most of us run some common tests (e.g. voltage regulation and efficiency at 20-50-100% load, ripple measurements etc).

In the following table you will find the equipment that I currently have in my possession. From the list I omitted my DSLR camera (Canon 500D with Sigma 18-200mm lenses).

Faganas ATE (back up)Load Tester1,500 €
Array 3711A x7 (back up)Electronic Load3,500 €
Array 3710A x3 (back up)Electronic Load1,035 €
Chroma 6314A x2Mainframe2,728 €
Chroma 63123A x6Electronic Load8,893 €
Chroma 63102A Electronic Load1,689 €
Chroma 63101AElectronic Load970 €
Chroma 61604AC Power Source7,779 €
Faganas ATESoftwaren/a
CHY-502Thermometer90 €
Pico TC08Temperature Logger380 €
CEM DT-8852Sound Level Meter200 €
LabJack U3-HVData Logger127 €
Labjack InAmps x2OpAmps114 €
Stingray DS1M12Oscilloscope200 €
Rigol 1052EOscilloscope330 €
Rigol VS5042Oscilloscope425 €
Picoscope 3424 *2Oscilloscope1000 €
Prova WM-01Power Meter (backup)750 €
Instek GPM-8212Power Meter700 €
Hakko 808Desoldering Gun210 €
ZD-916Soldering Station69 €
Fluke 175Multimeter275 €
Hot Box (v2)Enclosure100 €
Isolation Transformer3 KVA150 €
Variac3 KVA100 €

As you have probably noticed by now PSU reviewing is a complex and pretty expensive hobby, and even if you have the necessary tools, you need to have the proper electronics background too, at least for disassembly and to provide an analysis of the internal components of the PSUs.

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