GeForce 9600 GT Voltmods

Author: Largon
Date: 2008-04-18 12:20:22

GPU Voltage Mod

vGPU mod for the GeForce 9600GT 512MB involves soldering on several tiny solder pads located near the edge of the circuit board. For the exact location of the solder pads in question refer to the picture in the paragraph: Overview and look for the red rectangle labeled as ”vGPU”. The idea of the modification is to reprogram the vGPU controller chip to aim at a voltage value higher than default. In a sense we're setting a new stock vGPU voltage, as unlike conventional voltage mods, this mod in no way ”deceives” the voltage controller chip. Due to this detail the mod also completely bypasses the extremely aggressive over voltage protection function typical to reference design 9600 GT.

For the record, here is what your unmodded card should look like. The pad-pairs we're going to solder on are labeled here as ”VID2”, ”VID3”, ”VID4” and ”VID5”, each pair of pads is marked with two red dots.
If you're wondering where did VID0, VID1 go – don't bother. This numbering scheme exists only for the convenience of your's truly. :)
  • ”open VID” = no connection between the red dots.
  • ”bridged VID” = connection between the red dots.
  • ”connection” = tiny black surface mount 0Ω resistor. A blob of solder connecting the pair of pads works just as fine.

To achieve 1.15V vGPU voltage one needs to set up the VID pads as instructed above.

Same for procedure for 1.20V.

Here's 1.25V.

And so on. 1.30V.




When powering up the first time after altering the VID remember to check that the actual vGPU voltage is what it was supposed to be.

To measure vGPU take the red probe of your multimeter and touch any of the points marked with dots inside the blue rectangle (see paragraph: Overview), black probe into a ground (Molex connector, eg.). Default vGPU voltage for the GeForce 9600GT is 1.10 V at idle, note that vGPU increases spontaneously by ~0.05 V when entering 3D load. Preliminary reports indicate that vGPU voltages above 1.40 V yield no significant OC headroom.

Higher vGPU voltages will cause the heat output and temperature of the GPU chip and the voltage converter circuit to increase dramatically. Make sure you provide adequate cooling on the GPU as well as the whole card when overvolted and overclocked.

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