Guide to Video BIOS flashing

Author: W1zzard
Date: 2004-05-24 06:59:26

Making a bootable floppy

On Windows XP and up this is very easy.
  • Insert floppy into floppy drive
  • Open My Computer
  • Right click on floppy drive
  • Select "Format..."
  • Put a checkmark to "Create an MS-DOS startup disk"
  • Click on "Start"

If you have an older version of Windows you can download the bootable floppy image XP creates here. Use WinImage to copy it on your disk.
  • Download and install WinImage
  • Open the downloaded floppy.ima file
  • Insert floppy into floppy drive
  • Click on "Write Disk". When using a brand-new floppy, click "Format and write disk".

Now that you have a bootable floppy, you will have to put the appropriate flashing utility and the BIOS on the disk. You do this by just copying the files onto the floppy.

Booting from the floppy

On many systems the default boot order does not check the floppy drives. To enable this, you go into your motherboard BIOS and find an option "First boot device" or similar. Change it to "Floppy", exit and save. Now the system should boot from your floppy.

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