DFI LanParty NFII Ultra B Voltmods

Author: Celemine1Gig
Date: 2005-02-24 20:35:04


Datasheet of the chip:


Connect the middle pin of the 50K potentiometer to Pin #7 (FB) of the HIP6301 chip and then connect the outer pin of the potentiometer to Ground.
Pin #9 of the HIP6301 is a Ground pin, but we will need to solder a cable to the next Pin #10 for the OVP-Mod. I didn't like the idea of soldering two cables right next to each other. That would've been very hard, and why do it the hard way, if there's an easier way right around the corner. For Ground I just used the Ground point from a left-empty solder-pad ("EC18"), where DFI had planned to put a capacitor, but cancelled that idea obviously (solder point in the area that is marked white, is GROUND). Use that point as Ground for both the VCore- and the OVP-mod, it will have no negative impact on the mods.


Same chip, so no new datasheet link needed (still HIP6301).

The OverVoltage Protection-Mod is only needed, if you are going to run a VCore higher than 2.0V.
As I already mentioned above, the OVP-Mod involves connecting a 50K potentiometer from Pin #10 of the HIP6301 chip to Ground.
Just connect the outer pin of the potentiometer to the Ground point mentioned above (left-empty solder-pad, not far from the HIP6301 chip). Then connect the middle pin of the pot to Pin #10 (VSEN). Well, that's it and you've finished the VCore and OVP mods.

Picture for both VCore- and OVP-Mod

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