ATITool 0.26

ATITool_0.26.exe (1.3 MB)
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File size: 1.3 MB
Publisher: W1zzard
Downloads: 1,453,109 (1.8 TB)
Posted: Dec 11, 2006
Updated: Dec 11th, 2006
Operating System: 2K/XP/2003
  • Full support for all ATI and NVIDIA cards. Only X1950 Pro overclocking is not supported.
  • To overclock ATI X1k cards, you do not need to disable the services in Windows
  • Fan settings can be saved to a profile
  • New logo added
  • Memory timings can be saved to a profile
  • Number of active vertex shaders/stream processors on NVIDIA added
  • Log file default maximum size is 2.5 MB
  • BIOS dump works on X1000 Series
  • Thermal monitoring defaults to on
  • Voltage control for several X1800 and X1900 cards
  • Control over Adaptive Anti-Aliasing
  • New settings tab "Driver Tweaks"
  • Current Draw monitoring for several ATI cards