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    right now i'm hovering at 48-52c' on my cpu....
    will that be ok ? because i'm trying to remain as compact as possible because this is a lan party computer that i carry around.
    Hey its no problem at all. I did try out your placement of this logo but it just didnt look right at all.
    I am very rarely on MSN during the week. But when I am on we will have long chit chat my friend. :toast:
    I know we haven't had a chance to chit chat lately, just been wonder ing how things are going and what you have been up to lately?

    Hi JM,
    I have been reading about overclocking the past days, and I am interested to start overclocking.
    Below are the specs of my PC:
    CPU: Intel® E5200 2.5GHz, 800FSB
    MoB: Intel® Desktop Board DG31PR (G31 Express Chipset)
    Mem: Kingston 2GB 256M x 64-bit DDR2-800 CL-6 200-Pin SODIMM
    VC: Inno3D 9400GT 512 DDR2 DVI 128bit
    Casing: Azzura 2000: 450 Watts, Front Fan : 1 x 90 mm, Back Fan : 1 x 90 mm, Air Duct System : Yes
    OS: Vista x64 Ultimate

    I have no other cooling hardware, except an additional 90mm Fan installed at the lower side.

    I don't want impressive overclocked system, I just want to gain additional performance improvement.
    A little above 3.0 GHz would already be heaven for me.

    I have read the complete article, on this site, but I am pinting you this this page:

    From there, he mentioned on paragraph entitled Overclocking Intel's Pentium Dual-Core E5200, on the third paragraph, that he having the FSB set to 266MHz alone has improved the CPU speed to 3.32 GHz.

    I know that by merely increasing FSB will increase CPU speed as FSB x multiplier = CPU speed. MY question is, do you think my system will be fine if i change my FSB to 266 MHz, and do nothing else?

    With this minimal change (of course I have to actually run test to get the a quantitative value), do you think I would still have to buy another cooling hardware?

    I know I have to test this to actually know, but I thought it's better to get an experts initial view on things before I even start.

    I hope you don't mind my question, in spite of the many post on overclocking. I get too overwhelmed with all the data being mentioned. I just want the simplest, probably one-setting twek to improve my system's performance.

    Thanks alot.
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