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  • How's it going pal, haven't seen you on the forums for a while, you still lurking about :D
    I am joining the Graphic artist united club
    Merging photos and photoshop!
    and image transformer!

    My works
    See attachments
    1) avatar made for ChaoticAtmosphere

    2)My avatar and my Singnature pic!
    I can do better then that if you guys give me plugins to add effect because i don't know where to get them
    IS this enough to join the group!
    single mother?!? What made you think that? lol....
    (I edited it out of your post, hope you didn't mind)
    Didn't want to get overwhelmed by pm's asking for my hand in marriage... :rolleyes:

    Went to the techarp site and got a virus!!!
    Lol...now that's funny.
    I'm serious, my system detected a virus and it was an Exploit:JAVA/CVE-2011-3544.l along with another one, Exploit:JAVA/2010-0840.NS
    How's it running before the overclock? How will that setup run for crunching/folding?.... thinking about getting into WCG, starting to look into best hardware options for it
    Sick! That'll make for a good combo! I am actually surprised how well this i3 runs. I can get it to 105Bclk :rockout:. It is pretty quick, and I came from an 1100T @ 4.2ghz :roll:
    Haha thanks man. Yeah I did a lot of searching and got the right parts:) Just can't wait for Ivy Bridge! I couldn't justify spending a bunch on a 2600/2700k now and then in just two months have the new stuff be out :( at least I got my i3 for $80 shipped!
    Np :) It's a lot better to see a black sleeved cable on the bottom of your case than 3 multi coulored ones floating in the middle lol.
    Hey bud!
    I have been good. I have been playing SWTOR a lot.. kind of ashamed of the amount of time I have logged already. I started a consulting firm here in my home town with a friend as well! That's been a blast, I just don't have a lot of free time. How about yourself?
    Glad to hear you're mending up :) My wife had an emergency appendectomy two years ago, and it was quite a spooky deal. Take care of yourself.
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