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    how to move order of disks shown in My Computer

    That doesn't sound right. You are changing this in computer management correct? Do you have a screenshot of the (D)(G) drive in explorer?
  2. A Cheese Danish

    how to move order of disks shown in My Computer

    Change the drive letter of D: to a letter after E:. It's sorted alphabetically by drive letter.
  3. A Cheese Danish

    damge of ESD to mobo

    Unless you felt a static between your hands and the mobo I don't think so. Just remember, the outside of the antistatic bag is where all the static collects; hence why the parts are inside it.
  4. A Cheese Danish

    Boot problems

    The RAM is compatible with his system. But I agree to move the sticks around and make sure they are in the correct RAM slots
  5. A Cheese Danish

    Adding drive

    Without starting over, you'd have 2 individual drives and that's just fine. If you want to use them together, aka RAID, you will need to start from scratch.
  6. A Cheese Danish

    unable to mount disk in windows8

    In my opinion, if you want Backtrack installed on a partition, you should've installed that first. I believe you have 1 hard drive, broken in to 4 sections, correct? It looks like Windows no longer acknowledges the other "drives" as applicable partitions. My recommendation: backup the data you...
  7. A Cheese Danish

    Looking into storage

    What exactly are you looking for? - Ripping speed? - LAN transfer speed between PC's and External drives? - LAN transfer speed between PC's and NAS? - Personal NAS vs 1 external drive?
  8. A Cheese Danish

    core 2 duo e6550 gigabyte mb problem

    Are all the power cables plugged in? Which fan is spinning? Does the CPU show in the BIOS? Also, Welcome to TPU! :)
  9. A Cheese Danish

    Easy Rhino's Minecraft Server Clubhouse!

    Every time I went to play the game the server has been offline :( So I haven't been playing much.
  10. A Cheese Danish

    SSD upgrade

    So let me try to understand: You want to get a secondary SSD just for storage? Do you want to run the two drives together or separate?
  11. A Cheese Danish

    holy sh!t. amazon plans on using drones for 30 minute delivery

    I like the concept and idea of this. Yes I would; and I'm sure only certain items will apply at first as well.
  12. A Cheese Danish

    How many monitors do you like to use?

    2 for me is plenty. 1@ 1920x1200 for gaming/movies, 2nd@ 1680x1050 for web/music/etc.
  13. A Cheese Danish

    Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.C and 7K1000.D

    Check out some Western Digital Red's too. They are designed for use in RAID configuration.
  14. A Cheese Danish

    Can these HDD fit in this Kingwin KF-253-BK 2.5in & 3.5in Hot swap

    You can only have 1x 2.5 and 1x 3.5 in the bay at a time. Yes, both the 3.5 drives will fit in the bay. You may be able to use a 2.5in SSD, however a few reviews show that it may not work with certain ones. As far as craftsmanship, I have no idea how good Kingwin bays are. I've owned a few of...