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AAF Optimus
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  • I am totally new to these things. May I install all of this in a Lenovo laptop?
    Could you please provide some guidelines?
    Thanks very much in advance.
    @AAF Optimus
    As of today it turns out I am now also under a Z690 Motherboard with the new Realtek ALC 4080.
    I did try on my new system 2 versions of the AAF Pack the newest an one older version ( .9403, and 9357 ),
    just none of them worked, so now I have to ask Mr, Finotty to please update compatibility !!
    @AAF Optimus
    Update (Oct 29) : After more research I noticed Mr. Finotty may benefit from having
    hardware ID's in regards to Non-Working devices, therefore while hoping it helps
    here I share the Hardware ID for my particular Realtek Device.
    ( Info in Picture as attached file / annex )


    • My Realtek H-ID.JPG
      My Realtek H-ID.JPG
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    have there been any development for a modded driver for the realtek alc4080 usb so we can finally have an actually EQ cause ive tried equalizer apo and its pretty bad all it does is make it worse
    Hello, I'm trying to find a way to increase the bias voltage of mic input of ALC892. The datasheet suggests the VREFOUT/MIC1 bias should be software selectable(2.5V/3.2V/4.0V). But in Realtek Audio Console
    there is no such option. I've tried using Realtek HDA driver test utility, but haven't found it there too.
    Does this support ALC 225? The mods don't seem to play sounds, or if they do work I get no audio at all.
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    AAF Optimus
    Odd the driver on this uses the waves maxx audio which is realtek, but it doesn't work, so I have to use the other one, but that's also a hit or miss not sure is thats a dell issues on me end
    I have a Dell Inspiron 7779 2 in 1, and I absolutely hate the waves maxx audio since it makes my speakers sound horrible the drivers I use do install and load, but I get no sound out via my internal speakers are there any drivers that will work with this laptop and also have audio out with the internal speakers?
    NVM it works but nothing is using it. Chrome isn't, groove isn't IDK why I get sound but i don't hear it modified via internal speakers nor my external ones. Is there a fix for this? or is this just dell hardware being dell? Worked on every other computer I owned.
    i have rog strix z590 mobo and alc4080 audio ic spdif 5.1 does not show up i removed drivers with driver explorer tried many times installing again but no luck what could be the problem how can i fix it thank you for your hard work have a nice day! version of the driver AAFOptimusDCHAudioPack-10.6.2311.9357.exe


    • 122.jpg
      850.7 KB · Views: 678
    Thank you very much for your work, which is very good. There are a few small problems, please help me to check whether it is normal.
    My headphones and loudspeaker box will work together,how can i fix it.
    my laptop is clevo P775TM,win10LTSC,AAFOptimusDCHAudioPack-10.6.2311.9341
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    SORRY , i still don't konw hao to do. But i found there are tow devices in windows Sound settings,"Speaker Out(AAF Optimue Audio)" and "S/pdis Out(AAF Optimue Audio)" .
    When i choose "Speaker Out",the headphones and loudspeaker box will work together and the AAF will work.
    When i choose "S/pdis Out" ,just the headphones will work and the AAF would not work.
    Thanks for fix,i updata to 9357 now,the AAF will work in "S/pdis Out" and now there's only one small problem
    In "S/pdis Out",only the headphones will work.The loudspeaker would not work even if unplug the headphones
    In "Speaker Out" all the sound devices will work no matter how many devices i connect
    Although I need to constantly change my settings to adapt to different places, I got a better voice.Thank's again
    With the recent versions I'm unable to get Dolby Digital Live 5.1 to appear on my onboard Realtek Optical Out which I need for my Steelseries Siberia 800 Headset.
    It did work previously with a download from your old repository.
    What am I doing wrong? Many thanks!

    Screenshot 2022-05-23 093201.png
    AAF Optimus
    AAF Optimus
    Uninstall the drivers using the "DriverStoreExplorer" tool.
    Thank you, that worked. Unfortunately, even with latest Realtek drivers, DDL5.1 does not appear as an option in latest Windows 11 on my ASUS TUF X570 WIFI II mobo.

    Screenshot 2022-05-26 004612.png
    Ok so what I needed was the "Optimus DCH Audio Pack", found a download on one of the forums. And BOOM! DDL is back! How come these are no longer posted? Btw. thank you so much for your work!! :)
    Screenshot 2022-05-27 004108.png

    The newer packages are missing that "Realtek Patched APO (DDL/DTS) and the installer and options are different.

    Screenshot 2022-05-27 004319.png
    Thanks, TechPowerUp, for the 7 stars. As for my audio mods, here are the new links:

    Based On Generic Microsoft Driver (Supports Various MFRs)

    Based On Realtek Driver (Supports Realtek USB Audio)
    Hello, I use Windows 10 2004 and an X-Fi Titanium installed on my PC and none of the applications included in the installer work... what interested me was being able to have Dolby Atmos and DTS X, any recommendations? saludos!
    I am using Asus B450M Pro S Realtek S1200A codec. When using Windows 10, the sounds are normal, but when I install Windows 11, the song sounds are normal, but the game sounds are less. What is the reason. Please help. :cry:
    @Alan Finotty

    Hello, I wanna start by thanking you for your sound mods.
    Next I want to ask you to update your DTS Unbound ( v. 2021.4.13, as of
    this post date), and the Creative Sound Blaster 720 as there are new versions
    for these that seem to make a good difference in the system overall



    • DTS Unbound New Version.JPG
      DTS Unbound New Version.JPG
      24.8 KB · Views: 770
    Hello @Alan Finotty.

    I have a slight issue. My laptop is Clevo P775DM3 and it has 4 jack connections: SPDIF, Line-out, Mic-in, and Line-out.

    The problem is that SPDIF works normally but Line-out connection plays sounds simultaneously in both laptop speakers and through headphones.

    I've tried your fix with KGAConfig and Realtek Driver Test Utility but it didn't work.

    Could you help :)?
    Alan...i have problem with dts sound unbound...like today licensed and then tmr i open pc...
    my spatial audio dts headphone x gone...when i open dts sound unbound it show trial or something
    well...i deactivate auto update on microsoft store yesterday before i off my pc....so far no problem appear yet
    also i use razer sound card cuz my mobo sound broken
    the license is maybe bound on the device which is related to your motherboards sound (chip) device.
    in my case its the realtek thingi.
    try to activate everything and reinstall the driver and locate it

    Screenshot 2021-11-09 174645.png
    naa...i think its my microsoft store auto update ruins my dts licensed.....
    2nd day..so far no trial shown up yet


    • 1636528990124.png
      340.7 KB · Views: 415
    @alan, great work on all of this and really appreciate you helping me unlock the ability to support 5.1 DD. I have an ASUS Z390-A-PRIME motherboard with built-in Realtek S1220A. I have your driver running and when sound is coming out it sounds great. Every few seconds there is a skip in the sound. Wondering if you had an idea of any change I could make to fix that. Using your 6.0.8960.1 driver.
    Haven't used the Realtek Audio Device Tweak tool as I have no idea what I'm doing with that.
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