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  • Yo, I had a little issue and wasn't able to make it to the post office. It was boxed up and all but I really needed to go home after work. Been feeling really bad lately. Better now though so I'll make it out there tomorrow :toast:
    bro if you are careful there is no way you'll fuck it up. once you have your block(s) on just make sure all tubing your route is tight on the barb/compression and that's it. Also when ordering the tubing make sure you order the one with the right thickness for that compression fitting. I believe the fittings I'm sending you is for 5/8th outside diameter tubing and 3/8th inside diameter.
    Ah man that sucks. The weird thing is that I can actually make my eyes do that whereas they're usually normal, it's weird.
    I am ordering the system you spec'd, thank you again. I am looking at the case and you spec'd the illusion version and the only diff I can see is it has 6 internal 3.5 drive bays and the other has 6 external bays. What is the difference? Sorry to be such a noob.
    Thanks for all your help. The case you recommended is on sale for 51.99, woot! I am caught up in the wait game, which I know will never end, as newer, better, cheaper equipment comes out all the time. Finding the 'sweet spot' to buy is difficult at best. The forums have people saying to wait and see on the GPU and CPU. Any thoughts on this would be appriciated.
    Hello crazyeyesreaper,

    A great rig you have right there. I have noticed that you have the same motherboard that I do.

    I was wondering if you have figured a way to have at least one of your HDs to show on channel 0. No matter which configuration I try with the SATA ports, I cannot get my main boot HD to be under channel 0. Any tips/tricks for that?

    I am also running the latest beta bios for that motherboard F7A. It's very stable with my 4th unlocked core.

    Please let me know and maybe we can share more thoughts about the MB.

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