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Oct 22, 2016 at 1:54 AM
Mar 25, 2009
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Jack of all trades


Chief Broken Rig, from 04578

Shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing, yeah, yeah Jul 26, 2015

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Oct 22, 2016 at 1:54 AM
    1. crazyeyesreaper
      Shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing, yeah, yeah
      1. rtwjunkie
        LOL! There's a trip back in time.
        Jul 26, 2015
    2. MSIsouleet
      Do you have a contact email so we can message you?
    3. TheMailMan78
    4. Sir B. Fannybottom
      Sir B. Fannybottom
      Are you getting rid of that 212 EVO? Or just the H100?
    5. TheMailMan78
      Blowing me is half the adventure!
    6. Solaris17
      yo punk ass. your rig still broken?
    7. jonathan1107
      Hi crazyeyes, if someone has an answer for me about this question, it would be you... here's my question:

      As you know, Skyrim ain't perfectly optimized for PC... But it's gotten better, especially since they've patched for 4gb ram and since the release of "skyboost" (a tool similar to TESVAL)...

      I've got a problem: Skyrim has been patched to 1.5.26 and Alexander (author of skyboost) has not updated skyboost yet...

      IS there a way to REVERT my skyrim back to version 1.4.21 ??? Been searching all over google, can't find an answer yet.

      The reason for this is: I had managed to get a good FPS and no "stutter" in skyrim 1.4.21 along with skyboost, but now... with 1.5.26 without skyboost... I lose some FPS and stutter is back...

      Any suggestions ???
    8. Sir B. Fannybottom
      Sir B. Fannybottom
      kk, I was just wondering :)
    9. Sir B. Fannybottom
      Sir B. Fannybottom
      Hey, do you use flash CS4? I need some tips..
    10. Wrigleyvillain
      Found a job, eh? Congrats!
    11. Wrigleyvillain
      Thanks for the message on Steam. I was busy in Skyrim then forgot to respond before I shut down.
    12. JrRacinFan
      Everything ok?
    13. gifted1
      I just want to say that i think that you know what you`re talking about...youre a real hardware specialist if you ask me..keep up the good work :) Grtzz gifted1

      p.s. can i ad you as a buddy?
    14. Wrigleyvillain
      Dude your posts are usually very knowledgeable and informative just throw a freaking period or two in there as will make them SO much easier to follow. I know you probably just type like (and while) you think but it makes it hard on the rest of us! :)
    15. wahdangun
      owh that shame, but thanks anyway, btw how about the review you wan to make about ? and i really wan to know if the new hot fix driver really improve the performance greatly
    16. wahdangun
      crazy can you test eyefinity for me? i want to know if new driver really can enable DVi+DVi+HDMI configuration
    17. Corduroy_Jr
      crazy add me up in steam bro cord_jr alright
    18. Killer_Rubber_Ducky
      Check out the Warzone Thread I posted about needing some help. ^_^
    19. JrRacinFan
      If you can hop on aim/meebo.
    20. Chicken Patty
      Chicken Patty
      here is the thread on the Koolanc rads, found this ont heir site

    21. Chicken Patty
      Chicken Patty
      my suggestion is take the rad to home depot and try the ones that fit there, done :)
    22. Chicken Patty
      Chicken Patty
      They look like it, but have you confirmed that is the thread for the rad you have?
    23. Chicken Patty
    24. Chicken Patty
      Chicken Patty
      I wish I remembered exactly bro. but it was a while ago.
    25. Chicken Patty
      Chicken Patty
      Thanks man :toast:
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    Jack of all trades
    Former cram school flunky full time addict to Computer hardware

    Building machines, 3d art and design,
  • System Name: Black Box
    Processor: Ivy Bridge 4960X @ 4.4 GHz
    Motherboard: ASRock X79 Fatal1ty Champion
    Cooling: Swiftech H2O 220 Elite Customized
    Memory: Gskill 2133 4x4GB (16GB)
    Video Card(s): Gigabyte GTX 780 Windforce
    Hard Disk(s): 512gb + 120gb SSD + 5.5 TB Storage
    Optical Drive: LG Dual layer sata burner
    LCD/CRT Model: Dell U2412M + Samsung TA350
    Case: Nanoxia Deep Silence 1
    Sound Card: onboard
    Power Supply: Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 1050W 80+ GOLD
    Software: Windows 7 64bit Professional
  • Heatware Username:crazyeyesreaper