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May 24, 2017
Aug 3, 2006
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Oklahoma T-Town


My stars went supernova, from Oklahoma T-Town

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May 24, 2017
    1. SK-1
      1. DaMulta
        Nov 27, 2014
      2. SK-1
        Glad to hear you're still kicking lol..I was going through some old pictures and found some from that lan party in Peoria...Good times. How I long for those days....Life has changed so much for me since then... I hops things are going well for you man.
        Nov 29, 2014
    2. Bjorn_Of_Iceland
      If I may ask, do you like ducks?
    3. SK-1
      HEY! You got a pm over at GM
    4. CyberDruid
      Dude I thought of you and your latest Vape fixation when I was rolling through Hillsboro NC the other night. Some of the local white boys were hanging out by their Hooptie and one of them pulled out what appeared to be a candlebra (actually a bottle/bong with 5 e-cigs grafted onto it like antlers) and Vaped a fat cloud as I rolled by on the scoot. I think they were doing it to taunt the Po-leese since it's legal and look terribly illegal lol... I saw the PD roll by in the rear view. Saw the brake lights but was out of range to really check the action.

      You know the more the e-cig gets coverage the more likely it'll be banned. I predict another 6 months before the FDA drops the hammer. Same way all the goofball Salvia videos brought that under scrutiny and legislation earlier this year.

      Vapobongers...they are everywhere.
    5. DOM
      what that ??
    6. DOM
      hey wtf going on ? lol
    7. DOM
      DOM was here
    8. TechnoHolic_Tim
      Thanks, just ordering my water cooling stuff now, £155. not 2 bad
    9. Black Panther
      Black Panther
      Isn't that the same url as my profile conversation? Why click it?
    10. Black Panther
      Black Panther
    11. Black Panther
      Black Panther
      :/ I can't enter... neither on IE8 nor FF... Keeps saying address not found...
      Perhaps you can check my avatar, maybe I got banned for something??
    12. Black Panther
      Black Panther
      Hey, is GN working for you?
    13. fart_plume
      ya, your only 60 miles away from me,lol
    14. fart_plume
      Dude! didn't realize you live so close!
    15. DaMulta
      WOW that is all
    16. Black Panther
      Black Panther

      If you can't understand the reason for the grin.... check ur mail.
    17. CDdude55
    18. Xtant25
      Xtant25 was here.
    19. Black Panther
      Black Panther
      lol it's 3AM go to sleep lol!
      Edit- I'd bet you're passed out while online :laugh:
    20. Jasy
      You have PM. Palit_Guy redirect me to you. Please answer.
    21. Black Panther
      Black Panther
      Emailed you some AV utilities (smitrem, avenger, combofix...) good luck.
    22. DaMulta
      SAY WHAT happy new year 2005!!!!!!!

      or is it 2004?

      I can't remember but I hope it was a good one:)
    23. Black Panther
      Black Panther
      Happy New Year D! :toast:
    24. LiNKiN
      Mmmm......New Years Dinner and now for the spirits! Happy New Year fellow Okie!
    25. Black Panther
      Black Panther
      :D I see you have a good camera to take pictures of your hardware. It looks great. Awesomely good job!:toast:
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    Oklahoma T-Town
  • System Name: Work in progress
    Processor: AMD 955---4Ghz
    Motherboard: MSi GD70
    Cooling: OcZ Phase/water
    Memory: Crucial2GB kit (1GBx2), Ballistix 240-pin DIMM, DDR3 PC3-16000
    Video Card(s): CrossfireX 2 X HD 4890 1GB OCed to 1000Mhz
    Storage: SSD 64GB
    Display(s): Envision 24'' 1920x1200
    Case: Using the desk ATM
    Audio Device(s): Sucky onboard for now :(
    Power Supply: 1000W TruePower Quattro