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  • Hi, I am trying to get into PC modding as my new hobby instead of gaming. Do you have any suggestions? type of tools required for case modding etc?
    I am fixing to list my entire collection of PC paraphenalia...but I gotta finish some little projects first.
    hi cd have ya shifted all them fans ?
    i was going to bump the thread but it says it's 317 days old
    sorry i don't want any though (carriage would be astronomical) ,

    shame you don't live in the uk, as i'm struggling to get some 12cm fans from my local store to replace the one's i accidentaly fried (that'll teach me to not label the mains and 12 volt stuff):eek:

    anyways good luck with it all;)
    Yes i did bloody weird i also had MM asking if i was a member of 4chan like helllllll no.
    I have yet to see anyone in public with one.....That's crazy a bunch was doing that. I don't know about a full our ban, but regulation is coming. Which could be a good thing.
    That is so true, people never understand that to pack correctly, you have to get the right size box, correct packing materials, and then the time to pack and then get it shipped, it's never as simple as oh it's costs xxx for postage, that doesn't take into account our time and effort, but ahhh such is life!~
    Strictly covered my shipping expenses. People often forget that bubble envelopes and tape andprinterink and paper and all that crap costs me money. So when I say $3 for 1st class that's covering not just the 1.56 postage but the envelope and maybe the next guy's bubble wrap or whatever. I been doing this for years...and I'm ready to semi-retire from the scene and go onto something totally unrelated to PCs...hence the clean out.
    Just saw your latest Youtube upload, very nice of you to hook up us overclockers!
    Lol, congrats on the crapload of sales. But how many of them were worth money and how much did you make?

    Or was this simply a clean crap out type scenario?
    hmm.... i'll give that a try.

    im really considering that asus p6t7 supercomputer board and 2 more 295s for folding.

    im not too sure yet. chipset cooling looks like a TOTAL nightmare.

    as for the 295's.... i LOVE them. 1 is great but for guys like us 2 is more like it!
    ok see the thing is i have tried cutting alu with a dremel reinforced cutting wheel but am looking for a more accurate way other than a) having to buy a jigsaw or b) going through like 10 cutting discs...
    have you used the diamond cutting bits dremel has? are the worth buying to cut the STEEL (oh noes) side panel i have??? what about the carbide ones??? or have you tried using the rotozip cutting bits w/ dremel???? thanks in advance
    Hey CyberDruid love your mods but i had a quick question for you about your method of cutting out a case window. Do you think it would work with a Dremel Router Attachment??? It looks like it should, just wanted to check with you
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