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  • okeh dude.. no prob, just a little upgrade and downgrade lol.. yup, I still use the Old YM
    yeah. things when on like usual, just upgrade my system, I am going full watecooling too:) how u doing lately, its been a while to see you online back, busy with some work?>
    bro.. i was wondering how to use SLI.. i had SLI enable and Detected in my rig, but seems that i didn't see any improved fps in games except improvement in 3D Mark.. wonder why bro??
    thanks man.. really works great.. i got 3cards already, now using 2, still be waiting for a new psu next month to complete my 3way
    yeah.. I am a bit busy right now.. examination around the corner lol..need some time to study
    Raven is cool but the problem is in Saudi Arabia (where I work) it's not available that easy, Antec isn't Also and CoolerMaster i can get the HAF 932 from an online Dealer but for $230 which is too much. the only options for a good case that is not Costly is Thermaltake and Gigabyte because the dealers are right next to the office. and with almost the same prices as newegg. I'm Frustrated maybe I will just stick with my Current case for a while; I don't know.
    I'd say Corsair Obsidian OR HAF 922.I've had HAF 932 and its so user friendly mounting is easy as 1-2-3. About the Obsidian idk any details on that yet,but man sleek Black interior (dun have to spray paint) supa sexy exterior definitely a Royal blood rig look.

    teh cases i've mentioned are just my opinions.

    Going for Raven? why not. sleek look unique style,doesnt look like a PC.but AIR cooling is not for this case,and if ye want yer rads "inside the case" def not this one.But over all for Eye candy? hmph damn man should get this one instead.,i dont agree with its cable mgt.But for me this Raven is soo Choice man fo realz.
    Check out the Case gallery for update on my case, Help me choose a new case as I'm sick and tired of my GIGABYTE, Thermaltake Spedo or ELEMENT G
    No problems DGK waiting for the PICs, by the way I got this sweet deal on a Tt bigwater 745 with 1X12cm rad and 2X12cm rad, tubes, coolant, cpu waterblock, Reservoir, and a pump for $53. can you believe this some idiot in a shop tried the cpu block with tap water so I got it down from $133 to $53. all i wanted was the big Rad but now i got the whole package. wow More Modding to do.... so have you any thought on how to mount the big rad above the case?!!!
    thanks bro. I've put alot of time into this case man, i'll be doing another revision of it shortly. New tubing and probably a bit of sleeving here and there. stay tuned
    bro i have pics scattered man. If you give me till later tonight, I can upload a few and send them to you :toasT:
    Ye'all make me jealouz lol...F man im still waiting for the PPC shipment.

    @ Duke o yea i fig'd it out how to make the NB/SB Block balck,

    Ill upd8 soon enuf.Hectic scheds here.
    congrats on your case man, I'm heading to a near by shop today they recieved new thermaltake products. yahooooooooo i'm gonna get me some kick as fans and maybe a good big RAD woooohoooooooo
    dude..just receive my HAF922(the window side panel version).. I am looking for Intel 1366 board right now and need MORE saving to buy all the i7 stuff lol...:laugh:
    I'm considering building my own case:rockout:, I've designed two so far, I started modding just a month ago ;should I take that Huge step or just continue modding my case? I don't know:confused:.
    why haven't you considered Black and Chrome, Chrome will look fantastic on metal. you can use Vinyl or paint for both Black and Chrome/Silver. it depends on which are you comfortable with, paint is harder to remove if you don't like it.
    if you go with paint i have some recommendations for

    Gloss Black 51601 and Satin Black 51613
    Premium Metallic: Original Chrome 1010 and Sterling Silver 1030

    send me another pic of the whole MoBo

    Good luck man
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