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  • Ok let me Think and I will get back to you, if you can send me a close up shot to the Mobo, and by painting them you mean their heat sinks right?. you can also consider Florescent paint or UV reactive if you have UV light in the case. anyways just send the shots and i'll think of something. C ya
    Hey man good teh have u back and in goo condition,.yea mess around in my projectlog and share some o yer thoughts n ideaz.

    Real name is Adrian Lloyd thaz ma GF in my Avatar
    so DGK I'm sorry I didn't Reply to your post, cause I was in the Hospital (Surgery) and I baerly had time to check my email. So anyways I'm back again. So what's your real name, I think we should get to know each other if that's Okay with you.... see ya soon Bye
    I am looking forward to build new rig.. i5 or i7..so i need a new case for it.:)

    lol..is raven really that hot? whats ur temps?

    you mean the NEW HAF 922(would be my secondary choice)..HAF 922 is a good case also..

    hmm.. I am not looking forward to w/c yet. depend on my budget.. if enough i would go for raven(really like the style:)). man I love those EVGA products. but in my country they dont sell EVGA product. how sad.:(
    Hey man whats poppin lately? The Ravens Airflow?Basing on my current set up w/c is Cramped.The Temps are tremendously hot.But u have a Watercooled set up so it wont b a Prob to that.Try loking at the Newest HAF or go for Raven,u wont regret it man.
    like ur rig dude.. does the silverstone raven airflow any good? i like the look of that case.. maybe i m gonna get one
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